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Liquid Health Vitamins - Liquid Health Vitamins Are The Elixir Of Life!

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As more consumers are catching on to the many benefits of liquid health vitamins, this industry has shifted its focus to produce many specialized versions of this product. There are now formulations developed for children, diabetics, and people suffering from sleep deprivation, hair loss and almost any other deficit known to man.

Just one of the many advantages to taking a supplement in this way is the rapid absorption by the body. Instead of the oral dosage afforded by the traditional delivery method, the whole food minerals are easily taken up by the receptors in the bloodstream. The effects are thus more immediate as opposed to the pills that have to break down in the digestive tract before any benefit is derived.

Vitamins are also known as co-enzymes, the substances in the body that help reactions to occur more easily. Although a healthy diet and lifestyle are the best ways to obtain these vital substances, there are times when additional help is needed. Therefore, liquid health vitamins are the ideal choice to go along with a proper dietary regimen. With the enhanced absorption rate, it is easy to see why more people are choosing this type of health boost.

The biggest drawback to tablets has always been the need for the human body to dissolve the product before anything beneficial could be obtained. Past studies have even shown that a few varieties of a major brand pass completely through the digestive tract without any breakdown whatsoever. This is like throwing money away. Purchasing a capsule or pill of this nature would only be of help mentally, since the physical component is completely lacking. Manufacturing processes also call for heating the product to complete the process. Unfortunately, this destroys some of the vital elements contained within, making at least part of the formula inert at best. That is not good news for consumers who are trying to improve their health.

With liquid health vitamins, this is definitely not the case, since they are cold processed, meaning that critical minerals are preserved, allowing the buyer to get the full benefit of the formula. The whole food mixture actually begins to dissolve in the mouth. The saliva here actually starts the breakdown process, which can actually increase the absorption rate up to 90%. This is a phenomenal percentage since the typical pill averages 10 to 40% at best. It is a great indication that the liquid form is definitely superior in both delivery rate and actual dosage consumed. Most people would agree that it is definitely a better value for the money.

There has been a question in the past regarding preservatives contained in this formula. Unfortunately, this has to be a part of the product, otherwise spoiling might occur before it hit the store shelves. This is true of any liquid mixture – even Aloe Vera juice. A variety of chemists and dietary clinicians have been consulted about this question and they all agree that this is the case. However, the manufacturer of liquid health vitamins uses potassium benzoate as their preservative which is a potassium salt, rather than a sodium salt. This is due to the fact that a great deal of consumers are on a sodium restricted diet and are limited on this type of intake.

Because most of the elements that make up liquid health vitamins are derived directly from naturally occurring organic elements, the makers can offer a supplement for both the daily multiple and children’s varieties. This is important to people who typically avoid a formulation of this type. This element is the same kind that is contained in leafy sea vegetation. It is entirely safe and similar to the substance which is found in a variety of green leaf vegetables.

Because all of the liquid health vitamins are sugar free (except for Daily Multiple), they are safe for diabetic use. As a side benefit, the addition of Siberian Ginseng to the formula actually lowers the cortisol level in the blood. This hormone is the one that interferes with the proper function of insulin in the bloodstream. Many diabetics have given their testimonials as to the effectiveness of this formulation as a part of their regular dietary regimen.

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