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Submit To Search Engine - There's Still a Place For Manually Submitting Your Website To Search Engines

search engine optimization submit to search engines

You’ve done it, you’ve produced an incredible website! Your design is eye-catching, technologically smart, and loads quickly; why, your nav bar alone would win the equivalent of an online Academy Award for Art Direction if only one existed. Your main page draws your potential audience’s eyes irresistibly to the content you want to showcase, and once they’ve seen that, who could resist clicking on your “About Us” tab to discover more about you and your company?

Ah, but here’s the thing: the best website in the world is meaningless unless people know it’s there. How do most people learn about websites these days? Through search engines, programs specially designed to retrieve documents and files from the World Wide Web on the basis of criteria specified by the person initiating the search. Once retrieved, this information is presented to the querier as a list of search results.

In order to make sure your website reaches the audience you want it to reach, it is necessary to understand the rules of web site search engine submission thoroughly.

Search Engine Optimization

In the early days of the Internet, web search engine submission was more of an active effort than it is today. Webmasters would aggressively submit their websites for consideration to online directories like Yahoo! and Alta Vista, and wait in suspense to see if they were picked up.

These days much of that activity is channeled into optimizing a website so that the algorithms that search engines use to filter Internet files will pick them up in a more passive process. While much attention is still paid to factors like Meta tags and keyword density, the preeminence of Google in the universe of search has lessened their importance considerably. Google uses a search algorithm that relies more heavily on off-page factors like hyperlink analysis, than it does on factors like keyword frequency, meta tags, headings, links and site structure, figuring – rightly – that links from other websites are a more accurate determinant of usefulness than a web designer’s webpage manipulations.

Keywords are still critical, of course, as signposts leading to the content on your site. But the most reliable means of ensuring that your website comes up high on Google’s page rankings when a potential viewer or customer types the appropriate search terms into the search box is to get as many other websites to link back to your site as possible.

Submit To Search Engines

There’s still a place, however, for manually submitting to search engines. Each search engine has its own specific focus in determining ranking. Let’s review two of the more important ones here.

Google: Google’s search engine is predominantly powered by automated computer programs, known colloquially as “spiders,” that assess both the number of links pointing to a website and the viability of those links. But Google also has a directory, powered by the Open Directory – a group of volunteer editors cataloging the Internet. Additionally, Google offers a paid service, Google Adwords that allows webmasters to buy keywords for strategic display on the search results page.

Google allows you to submit your website for consideration using this URL: http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl It will take between three and six weeks for your site to show up in the index. Google typically reindexes its databases once every three to six weeks, publishing major updates in the last week of every month.

Yahoo!: Once the premiere name in information retrieval, Yahoo!’s star has fallen as Google’s has risen. It’s still one of the most comprehensive networks of key services like online shopping and media access for millions of Web users from around the world, however.

Successful Yahoo! search engine site submission will result in inclusion in Yahoo!’s directory, carefully vetted by paid Yahoo! editors who visit and rigorously evaluate every submission for relevance within the category in which a webmaster has submitted a site.

Yahoo! also offers a pay option called Business Express. Business Express does not come cheap – it costs $299 a year; nor does submitting your site through Business Express guarantee that your site will be included in Yahoo!’s Directory. Business Express does guarantee, however, that your site will be evaluated for inclusion within seven days.

Learn how to submit your website to Yahoo here:


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