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External Dvd Drives - External DVD Drives Offer A Number Of Possibilities & Solutions

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External DVD drives have begun something of revival. Once just about every computer manufactured had a factory installed DVD burner. Lately though, many devices are moving to flash storage and have disregarded the optical drive all together. Of course, anyone who would like the convenience that a DVD drive provides has found the answer in external DVD drives. An external drive is nothing more that an internal drive contained inside a housing all to itself. Because the device sits outside and away from the computer, it is referred to as external. The drive itself is usually connected to the computer through a USB cable to allow for fast transfer of data from the computer to the drive to the DVD. For many reasons, users tend to enjoy the ability to make their own movies on their computers and watch them on other televisions.

These devices provide many services that most folks just can not get out of a USB flash drive, which has become the preferred media storage method. Not only can movies be watched, but also movies can be burned. Plus massive amounts of songs and photos can be stored on a DVD as well. In addition, once music or pictures has been properly transferred to a disc, that disc will play in most DVD players allowing the user to listen to various music or watch a slide show of their vacation pictures. This versatility makes DVD storage for backing up every type of file far more convenient than using a series of flash or thumb drives. Further, blank discs are far more cost effective than purchasing other memory devices.

One of the reasons most computers, especially laptops, have started to forget about optical drives and leave them in the parts room is for smaller and thinner units. The drives are just too cumbersome to fit into a streamlined system. Since many newer tablet computers and laptops are likely to continue to value size and convenience over the inclusion of an internal DVD drive, the external models have become more popular. Fortunately, many tablet PCs have USB ports, which allows for the installation and use of the drive. Not only does this make data storage easy, but loading media onto these newer computers is a much simpler process as well. However, another reason internal optical drives have fallen out of favor is the popularity of external hard drives. These small devices offer a way to back up data and media in massive amounts, often as big as the hard drive on the CPU, without being susceptible to damage to the computer system. Portable hard drives have become much cheaper over the past few years, which is one reason many people have made the switch; however, anyone wanting to keep the versatility of playing on devices besides a PC generally want an external DVD drive.

External DVD drives also provide a nice way to replace a broken or malfunctioning drive. Anyone too timid to open a machine up and install a new internal drive has the luxury of picking up a reasonably priced external drive to take its place. Thus, no functionality, aside from the broken drive, is lost. Not only is any professional installation cost avoided by purchasing the external, but this new drive can last longer and be used on other computers that may be purchased in the future. These external devices have many positives. Many users tend to purchase the drive with features that the previous drive did not have. Features like label burning or dual layer technology are extremely popular.

That being said, the many advantages of having an outside drive apart from the computer handy in case of emergency or for making a convenient backup disc can not be understated. Many of these units are reasonably priced and are available at a wide variety of department stores or electronic retailers. Consumers who are thinking about replacing a broken drive or upgrading their current drive can actually perform the upgrade without even opening up the computer. The result is an impressive piece of technology that actually has more than one use. This is one device that can earn it’s keep in a very little time and actually make the computing experience better.

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