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Search Engine Top Ranking - How to Use SEO to Achieve Search Engine Top Ranking

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There are many ways in which webmasters can build a website that ranks high with search engines, and one of those ways is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a system that webmasters use to set-up their websites for successful search engine ranking. How to use SEO to achieve search engine top ranking requires skill. With just the right amount of attractive elements, search engines such as Google and Yahoo will get a sufficient amount of information about the topic of the site, index it accordingly, and rank it where it sees fit.

SEO is a necessary process, and it is the key to the success of your website. It’s irrelevant that you have the best looking website on the net, with the most useful information and the most helpful products, if it is lost within the World Wide Web. The objective of every webmaster is to achieve number one ranking for their website, and if not number one, then at least top ten so your site appears within the first page. This is because when most people search online, they will most likely select a website from the first page rather than look to page two or even three. Websites are placed based on the indexing information that search engines get from them, and all search engines rank using different information, which brings us back to SEO.

To achieve high ranking, a search engine needs to visit your website using web crawlers. These crawlers will gather information from your website in order to establish what it is about. SEO calls for webmasters to plant keywords into their html code and their content, so that the crawler can better define the website’s subject matter.

A keyword is a single word or a short phrase that searchers use to find information online. If you choose keywords that have been overused, then your ranking will be lower because websites who have had the keywords longer will be ahead of you in ranking. Ideally, you want to choose keywords that are used a lot by searchers, but have been ignored by webmasters.

Content plays a major part in SEO because crawlers scan it to find keywords. For this reason, you need to include keywords to your (H1) headings and (H2-4) headings. It is equally important to add keywords to at least the first paragraph of your content. You should add keywords to every page in this same way. Keywords should also be included in the “description” and “title” HTML tags for each page, in addition to the “alt” attributes for all your images. When adding your keywords, remember that search engines know when a website is all keywords and no useful content. If your purpose is to fill your pages with filler content smothered in keywords, then your website will likely be penalized.

Another SEO technique is to include effective links within the website. When adding links, remember to do so in a way that search engine crawlers can journey easily and effectively throughout your site. You won’t achieve high ranking if a search engine crawler is sent in circles by unorganized links.

Along with links within the website, you should add back-links to other websites on the internet. These are links that lead visitors back to your website. Ideally, you should add as many back-links as possible because they are doorways back to your website, and the more doorways you create, the more visitors will enter your site. More back-links also look good to search engines. There are various ways to add back-links to other sites. For example, you can add articles to other sites and sign off with a link back to your website or you can add comments to other blogs. When adding back-links, make sure that the websites you choose are of the same genre as yours but that they are not direct competitors.

If you want search engines to continually crawl your site and re-index you to a better ranking position, then you need to update your content on a regular basis. This too is an important SEO step. A successful website is founded upon successful SEO, just remember that the process is a work in progress and you may have to change keywords now and again to see what works best.

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