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Hermosa Beach Hotels

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Hermosa Beach, home to the infamous Hermosa Beach Ironman and AVP Beach Open, it is a great place to enjoy a weekend away from home. Located in Los Angeles County, Hermosa Beach is sandwiched between Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. Hermosa Beach is a great place of surfing, sunbathing, picking up a game of volleyball or simply enjoying the day. Western sea breezes continuously blow through out the year, keeping away the Los Angeles smog, and the city has an average temperature of a nice 70 degrees. In addition to the wonderful beach life, not far is the community’s main shopping and dining areas, making Hermosa Beach a perfect location to relax.

With all these fun activities, you can find a Hermosa Beach hotel somewhere scattered throughout the beach town to fit your financial and extra curricular requirements. There are seven hotels Hermosa Beach offers for visiting guests. The great thing is that all these hotels are within walking distance to beaches, nightclubs, shopping, and restaurants.

The Beach House is located on The Strand, or a few mile paved path that runs from Hermosa to Redondo Beach. A great beach front location that allows guest to watch the exciting beach town walk by. Complete with free Wi-Fi, complementary water bottles, and a great continental breakfast, the rooms in The Beach House are very spacious and comfortable. Though a little pricier than the other hotels, this is a great location if you are looking for a luxurious place to stay in Hermosa Beach.

Among the seven hotels, Hermosa Beach offers the fantastic Grandview Inn. One block off The Strand, this is another great hotel to stay out when visiting Hermosa Beach. Customer service is held in the highest regard, striving to please guests. Large rooms, clean, and free Wi-Fi, the atmosphere is peaceful. However, if you are looking for a fun night out, just down the street is everything you could need! Beach front and comfortable, this is a great place to relax.

Sea Sprite Motel is a great little getaway hotel. Perfect for families with kids or for a couple looking to get lost in Hermosa Beach, this hotel includes a great pool to relax by when the beaches are too crowded. Ocean views from most rooms, the staff is very polite and keep the premises very clean.

The Hermosa Beach Holiday Inn Express is located right off the Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH. Perfect for families and reasonably priced, this Holiday Inn Express is a lot like the others in the chain. Close to stores, clean, and a friendly staff, this is a great little inn that will let you experience Hermosa Beach in the best ways possible.

Hermosa Beach also has a Hampton Inn hotel available for traveling guests. Because it is so close to the beach and located right off the Pacific Coast Highway, a lot of guests enjoy taking long walks on the beach. Like most hotels in Hermosa Beach, the service is friendly and it is very clean. Though it can get a little noisy, this hotel is moderately priced and a good place for those on business trips.

The Quality Inn is one Hermosa Beach hotel that really leaves guests happy customers. With a beautiful beach front location, a great staff and impeccable grounds, this hotel is perfect for any type of traveler including those that want to get away alone to families to business associates!

Lastly, the Hotel Hermosa is one of the best rated hotels in Hermosa Beach. Inviting and comfortable, the hotel offers a lot of sitting areas, spacious rooms, and a beautiful garden and patio area to enjoy. Free Wi-Fi and a continental breakfast, the Hotel Hermosa’s goal is to create a peaceful and restful atmosphere, while providing with some of the most competitive prices in of all Hermosa Beach hotels.
So whether you are staying in a Hermosa Beach hotel to experience Fiesta Hermosa, an annual arts and crafts festival, or enjoying the International Surf Festival, Hermosa Beach is sure to find you a hotel that will work within your budget as well as expose you to the countless activities available in this wonderful beach town with your friends and family.

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