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Cd Players Portable - All About Portable CD Players

cds music cassette protection

Portable CD players were invented in the mid-nineties, largely as a replacement to the classic Sony Walkman portable cassette players. They became hugely popular in the late nineties during the era of boy bands and pop bands. Everywhere you went, you could find teenagers and young adults rocking out by themselves to the tunes of the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, N’Sync, and Christina Aguilera. They came with functions such as anti-skip protection, marketed under various names, including G-Force protection for Sony’s Walkman line of portable CD players. These are still widely available, along with other brands like Casio, and more generic offerings like GPX, a division of Yorx. The better quality brands of CD players had longer battery life, up to sixteen hours in some cases, and better anti-skip protection. The effect this had on the music industry was wonderful. CDs sold well because people knew that they could now take them anywhere, not like before, and not like the old vinyl recordings that the previous generations had grown up on. These were fashionable items, and they gave manufacturers of headphones a good, strong boost in sales as well. Many portable CD players came with features such as two bass boost settings, shuffle mode, which played songs in random order, a programmable mode which allowed users to choose their own playlists, repeat functions, and continuous loop play. As the late nineties gave way to the early 2000’s, portable CD player models became more and more compact. All the cool kids had thin, skinny CD players that you could almost fit into your pocket, features like button-hold that kept you from accidentally hitting the stop button while listening to your favorite song, and back-lit LCD screens that allowed you to see your music in the dark. These became all the rage on school playgrounds and even corporate offices across America, and the entire world.

These CD players have now been replaced in sales by the more popular IPod and other brands of MP3 players, but portable CD players are still widely available and are a great choice for those with a large CD collection and a desire to take them on the go. You can go walking, jogging, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, and more, all while listening to your favorite CD albums, which is the main reason why portable CD players remain big sellers. There are those who would consider themselves purists in the sense that they would rather have a CD that they can hold in their hands, complete with the credits and liner notes from the singer and music publisher, rather than owning electronic files of the songs only, as you get when you purchase MP3s. During the popular craze of CDs that spanned nearly two decades, and particularly, during the time when CDs were the only available medium for buying music, some people collected literally thousands of CDs, and these collectors will by no means want to give up their ability to play their records in their own way. Many used and lower-end cars only come with cassette decks, making portable CD players a practical alternative to having an expensive CD system installed in your car. You can simply buy a cassette deck adapter which allows you to hook up your portable CD player to your car’s sound system through your car’s cassette player, with the same great CD quality sound. These adapters are usually sold in inexpensive kits at place like Wal-Mart and Target, or they can be purchased in a blister pack with a new portable CD player. Music purists still consider the compact disk to be the greatest musical storage medium ever, with the classic mode of listening to an album from start to finish with no interruption being greatly superior, in some people’s opinion, to the instant gratification of picking and choosing only certain songs. CDs have come down in price in recent years in response to the popularity and convenience of MP3s, making it a better time than ever to collect CDs and invest in a good portable CD player that you can take with you. CDs are projected to continue to be sold and manufactured for years to come, so it is well worth the money, and you can’t beat the look and feel of an album, complete with artwork, held in your hands.

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