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Newport Beach Rentals - Newport Beach Rentals Offer The Best Vacation Rental Values In The United States

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Where can you find six miles of pristine beach in southern California? If you’re familiar with southern California, then you already know the answer. You also already know that Newport Beach is a desired vacation spot by many, whether they live in Los Angeles, San Diego, or any other nearby area. However, due to television shows and effective advertising, Newport Beach has now become known by many people living outside of California. While this is good for tourism and California’s economy, which is need of much help, Californians are not very thrilled about it. The reason for this is because Newport Beach rentals were already filling up fast as it was. Californians now have to compete with many people vacationing from out of state.

There is one thing about Newport Beach rentals that has remained the same despite the increased demand, which are the prices. Everyone appreciates this and hopes for the prices to remain the same. The average price for a Newport Beach rental is around $3,000 per week. This might sound like a lot on the surface, but you have to consider that most of these condos, homes, and lofts sleep between 6 and 11 people. Unless there are children involved, once those numbers are broken down, it’s a very fair price per person for a week’s stay. Also keep in mind that many of these homes are right on the beach.

Before you decide to rent a Newport Beach home, you should have an idea of what to expect from each area in Newport Beach. If you rent an oceanfront home in Newport Beach, you will have easy access to 2 miles of boardwalk right outside your front door. This is not only a great place to sit back and enjoy the ocean views, but you can also people-watch. And whenever you choose to go for a swim or to lie on the beach, your commute will be all of 15 seconds. If you don’t want to have a rental with the boardwalk right in front of your home, there are also Newport Beach rentals available right on the sand. Not having the boardwalk makes an enormous difference when it comes to crowds. Not that the boardwalk is an overly crowded area; it’s not. It’s just that rentals directly on the beach do not attract many people at all. If there are ten people on the beach in front of your rental home, that’s a busy day. Another option is to rent a Bayfront home in Newport Beach. This is a completely different experience yet you will still be right across the street from the ocean. You will find the bayfront rental homes in Newport Beach to be a little more laid back. One of the best parts about these homes is that you can watch the yachts come in and leave the harbor. If you want to go to the ocean beach, just cross Balboa Blvd. You can also go to one of the bay beaches simply by walking down the street. If you want a Newport Beach rental that is good for families due to gentler surf and shorter walks to the ocean, consider West Newport. And if you want the quietest rental homes in Newport Beach, check out Peninsula Point.

What should you expect for an average price of $3,000 per week? You should expect a rental home that is well furnished, impeccably clean, and has at least one extraordinary view point. This might be a patio or rooftop deck. The average rental home in Newport Beach will have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and sleep 8 people. The kitchen will be the nicest amenity of all. Most rental homes in Newport Beach do not allow pets.

Other than the beach, what else is there to do in Newport Beach? Skate or bicycle on the boardwalk, rent a boat in the harbor, fish off one of the piers, rent a jet ski, go parasailing over the ocean, go to Catalina Island for beauty, take a ferry to Balboa Island, go to Fashion Island for shopping, or take a 25-minute drive to Disneyland.

When it comes to beauty, accommodations, and attractions combined, there is no other beach town in the United States that offers such incredible value.

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