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Laser Acne Removal - Factors to Consider in Laser Acne Removal

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Laser acne removal has increased in popularity among people who are searching for an effective treatment for stubborn acne and residual acne scars. The treatment involves targeting affected skin with a heat producing smooth laser beam. The laser beam shrinks the underlying sebaceous glands that produce acne, which results in clearer skin. The cost of laser acne removal can range from several hundred dollars to thousands depending upon the number of treatment sessions and the type of laser treatment provided.

Acne is a skin condition that plagues millions of men and women of all ethnicities. The disorder is manifested by a one or more red pimples or pustules, and occurs when pores or hair follicles under the skin become clogged. Acne typically affects the face, but can also develop on the chest, back, or arms. Teenagers and young adults are more apt than members of other age groups to develop acne, but the condition can also affect men and women in their thirties, forties, and fifties.

Because acne can cause embarrassment to those who develop the disorder, and because it can sometimes be stubborn and resistant to treatment by over the counter treatments, some acne sufferers seek professional treatment for their acne. Dermatologists are the most common providers of acne treatment, but the condition is sometimes treated by nurse practitioners and cosmetic surgeons.

Laser acne removal is one of the most common treatments for moderate to severe acne. Laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Laser treatment involves the application of a tightly focused laser beam to acne ridden skin. The heat emitted by the focused laser reduces the size of acne producing sebaceous glands while stimulating collagen production in underlying skin.

The two major types of acne lasers include nonablative lasers and ablative lasers. Acne removal through the use of ablative lasers involves the removal of the outermost layers of the skin. An ablative laser emits a sharp burst of energy onto the affected skin, causing the temperature of water within the skin to rise. Eventually, the water and tissue of the skin turns to vapor and the skin will begin a process of self-resurfacing. The time required to heal from ablative laser treatment can range from several days to several weeks, with the result being clearer skin.

Treatment of acne through the use of nonablative lasers is much more common than treatment by ablative lasers. Nonablative lasers treat acne by permeating deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen growth. Nonablative lasers treat acne, as well as fine lines, scars, and skin redness. Nonablative lasers are also frequently employed to remove tattoos and age spots. The length of time required for treatment and recovery is shorter than that required for acne treatment through the use of ablative lasers. For these reasons, and because of the versatility of nonablative lasers in treating a variety of skin problems, nonablative laser treatment has become an increasingly popular treatment choice among acne sufferers.

Individuals who seek laser acne removal should be prepared to spend between several hundred dollars and several thousand dollars for their treatment. Treatment is typically received over the course of several outpatient sessions spaced six to eight weeks apart. The condition of the skin gradually improves after each treatment session, with the ultimate goal being the elimination of acne. The exact cost will depend upon the size of the surface area treated, the number of treatment sessions provided, and the type of laser used. For instance, one nonablative laser treatment session that involves targeting a small area of the face will cost far less than a treatment session that involves ablative laser treatment of the entire face and chest region.

In sum, laser acne removal is an effective method of treating moderate to severe acne. The treatment helps to eliminate acne by stimulating collagen growth and skin resurfacing. Minimal down time is required with most laser treatments, but several treatment sessions are often required in order for patients to attain optimal results.

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