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Heathrow Car Rental - Save Money on Your Next Heathrow Car Rental

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Located in London, Heathrow Airport is the largest airport in the United Kingdom, and it facilitates more international passengers than any other airport in the world. On any given day, at least three thousand people fly into Heathrow, and if just 10% of them rent a car, that is three-hundred Heathrow car rentals per day. In actuality, the number is quite a bit higher. How many of those renting cars are getting the possible deal? We can only guess at this, but since Heathrow car rental prices are exorbitant, we will guess that few of them are. This is unfortunate because we can define the method for saving a great deal of money on a Heathrow car rental in a small number of easy steps:

1. Choose when to travel, if possible.

Those traveling on business likely have little choice. However, if you are flying into London on vacation or returning home from vacation, you can do so on a Saturday rather than a Monday. How does this save money? Well, business is the bulk of air travel, and since most business occurs Monday through Friday, travel business is at its lowest on the weekends. Therefore, there are discounts available for all aspects of travel on weekends including car rentals. In fact, some of the big boys offer discounts as high as 50% on compacts and other less-coveted vehicles on weekends.

2. Book well in advance, if possible.

Chances are that if you can choose Saturday instead of Monday, you have plenty of time to book. Did you know that there is great value in booking your car rental ahead of time? In fact, it’s best to get it rolled into your travel package along with the flight and room. Many such packages offer the Heathrow car rental at such a discount that it is essentially free. If you cannot find the right package with car rental included, don’t worry. There is still good value in booking ahead directly through the rental agency’s website online. Don’t worry about locking yourself in. All rental agencies will allow you to update your contract if a better deal comes along.

3. Keep an eye out for discounts.

Prior to the advent of the Internet, travel discounts were limited to businesspeople and other frequent flyers, but times have changed. There are entire websites dedicated to keeping travelers abreast of the latest discounts and promotions. In addition, the travel companies actually use these websites to market to thrifty customers. So begin monitoring the travel discount websites as soon as possible. Above we told you to book ahead, so you might be wondering about how you coordinate these two. Don’t worry about the discount during the booking. When you are ready to travel, print out the coupon and bring it with you, and the rental agency will apply it then.

4. Use the Heathrow Shuttle.

Understand that there is a premium for renting a car at one of the Heathrow rental agencies. This is because Heathrow Airport charges the rental agencies higher-than-usual fees, which the agency then passes onto the customer in the form of a premium. Travellers can avoid this premium by booking their car hire with an off-airport agency, and then taking the shuttle into town. There are generally fees associated with the shuttles, but the savings overall can be great if you are renting the car for several days or more.

5. Know you need insurance before buying it.

The car rental insurance available through the agencies is usually not cost-effective. In fact, the agencies earn a great deal of profit selling it. You need insurance for the rental car, but pursue other avenues first. For instance, check with the policyholder of your personal car. You may already be covered or be able to add international car rental coverage for a small fee. Another avenue to pursue is your credit cards because many credit card companies offer perks for travellers, including rental car insurance.

6. Do your due diligence.

A car rental is expensive enough without tacking on any additional fees. You may be surprised at just how often car rental agencies tack additional charges onto their customers’ credit cards. Be prepared. Take a digital camera with you. Walk around the rental car with the agency representative before accepting the car. Note any damages, even minor scratches. Take photos, and get the representatives acknowledgement of those photos in writing.

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