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Wilson Tennis Equipment - All About Wilson Tennis Equipment

*tennis rackets *tennis accessories *footwear *tennis balls

Wilson is the world’s leading manufacturer of ball sports equipment. Their headquarters is located in Chicago, Il and they serve customers in more than 100 countries. Their tennis equipment is world-renowned for it’s quality and design, making them the leading racquet sports company in the world. Following is a listing of Wilson tennis equipment that is available for consumers across the globe.

*Tennis Rackets

Wilson offers a wide range of tennis rackets for people of all age ranges and skill levels. These rackets are broken down into different makes and models offering a number of choices within each category. The different types of rackets offered by Wilson include:

BLX Rackets

Player Frames-Six.One Tour BLX, Six.One 95 BLX 16 X 18, Six.One 95 BLX 18 X 20, Six.One Team BLX, Six.One Lite BLX, Pro Tour BLX, Pro Open BLX, Pro Team FX BLX

All Around Frames- Tour BLX, Surge BLX, Tidal Wave BLX, Coral Wave BLX

Game Improvement Frames- Cirrus One BLX, Khamsin Five BLX

Junior Frames- Six.One 26 BLX, Six.One 25 BLX, Pro 26 BLX, Pro 25 BLX

Game Improvement Rackets/[K] Factor FX

Improvement- [K] Zero, [K]Three.FX, [K] Four.FX, [K] Zen Team FX

Player- [K]obra Tour, [K]obra Team.FX, [K] Pro Staff 88, [K] Blade Tour,[K] Blade 98, [K] Blade Team, [K] Surge

All Around- [K] Tour Team.FX, [K] Six Two

Junior- Blade 25, [K] Blade 26, Federer Collection, US Open, Dora The Explorer, Spongebob Squarepant

*Tennis Accessories

Wilson also offers a wide range of accessories as part of their tennis equipment inventory. They have choices in apparel available for men, women, boys, and girls. Their collections include spring, summer, and fall fashions along with choices of strings for tennis rackets, bags, grips, a stringing machine, and ball machine.

Apparel- Men’s apparel by Wilson includes Polo shirts, crews, shorts, track suits, hoodies, pants, jackets, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. Women’s apparel includes V-neck shirts, polos, skirts, pullovers, tank tops, dresses, hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, crews, pullovers, lawn dresses, jackets, and pants. Apparel for boys features crews, polos, shorts, t-shirts and warm-ups. Girls apparel choices are crews, dresses, skirts, tank tops, V-necks, polos, shorts, jackets, pants, and warm ups.

String- Wilson offers a variety of string options for their rackets. Sets include Hollow Core, [K] Gut Pro, [K] Gut, NXT Tour, NXT, NXT Max, Sensation, Super Spin, Stamina, Enduro Pro, Natural Gut, and NXT OS. They also offer hybrid strings, which are known by Champion’s Choice, Ultimate Duo, NXT Duo, and Sensation Duo.

Bags- Wilson also offers many quality tennis bags for tennis players to hold their clothes and equipment. They have several choices in each of their collections. Their collections are broken down into the categories of Eco Pro Tour, [K] Pro Tour, and [K] Tour. They also have other bags available including a variety of U.S. Open bags and Pro Staff bags.

Grips- The grip is a very important part of the racket for any tennis player, and Wilson offers a number of different grips that will enable any tennis player to find one that is comfortable for them. Grips available include the [K] Grip, [K]ontrol Grip, True Grip, Leather, Micro-Dry + Touch, Micro-Dry + Max, Micro-Dry + Comfort, Sponge, Contour, and Perforated. They also offer a number of overgrips that include Pro Soft, Profile Overgrip, Pro Overgrip, Pro Overgrip Colors, and Pro Overgripper For Ace.

Stringing Machine- The Baiardo stringing machine is a tool that can help in stringing a racket. It features a modular design and adjustable height. It is also the most customizable stringing machine in the world and is designed so that it is also easy to use.

Ball Machine- The Wilson Portable Ball Machine is easily transportable and includes a built-in handle and towing wheels. It weighs 38 pounds with the battery and is the most compact unit of its kind, measuring 22″ × 14″ × 20″. It also features controls for trajectory, speed, intervals, and spin.


As any tennis player will tell you, the shoes they wear are an important part of their performance. Wilson has a wide variety of footwear that is specially designed for the tennis court. Their footwear collection includes more than 20 different styles to choose from with various colors and designs.

*Tennis Balls

Wilson is known not only for their quality racquets and equipment, but they are also one of the leading sellers of tennis balls in the world. They have a wide variety of choices that include:

*U.S. Open Tennis Balls
*Australian Open Tennis Balls
*Championship Tennis Balls
*Hope Tennis Balls(donation made to Breast Cancer Research Foundation when purchased)
*Jumbo Tennis Balls 9 inches
*Mini Jumbo Tennis Balls 5 inches

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