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Prepaid Wireless Plan - Why Choose a Prepaid Wireless Plan

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For some odd reason, prepaid wireless has developed a stigma. Generally, people immediately assume that it is the inferior plan, and that it only exists for the young and the poor who could not otherwise afford it. However, these beliefs could not be further from the truth, and once you are familiar with the benefits of a prepaid wireless plan, the fact that people still sign contracts is stunning.

The obvious disadvantage to a prepaid wireless plan is that you require your own phone. How much of a problem is this? Well, that depends a lot on the preference of the individual. If you are one those people who wants the newest mobile device every two years, a contract plan may make more sense. Most contracts give you your phone free or at the very least, they give you a healthy discount off the one you want. On the other hand, with proper budgeting and comparison-shopping, you could use those prepaid savings to buy that new phone at a similar or lesser rate yourself.

Fortunately, most of us do not require a great deal of luxury when it comes to our cellphones. Moreover, in light of the current economy, many of us are pursuing corners to cut. We just want a phone that is durable, reliable, and relatively inexpensive. The good news is that the price of cellphones has fallen dramatically in recent years. Those that do not already have a phone can buy basic one for as little as $10 and sophisticated models for as little as $25. Spend as much as $50-100 and you have a phone that will not be outdated for five years at least.

Another important consideration for most is being able to keep your number. Understandably, most people do not want to deal with the hassle of a changing phone number, and this drives them away from buying prepaid. Fortunately, as prepaid wireless plans have become more prevalent, maintaining your current number has become simpler in most cases. All of the major carriers, and even many of the minor ones, allow you to transfer your current number over to their prepaid plan with little to no hassle.

In addition, there are services such as Google Voice, which gives you a permanent phone number to use, and acts like a redirection service. It is free to use within the continental U.S., and all you have to do is register your new prepaid plan either online or over the phone when you get it. When people call your Google Voice number, they reroute it to your current plan’s number. While great for basic use, the downside is that Google Voice and similar services are much less viable if you make frequent calls outside of the continental U.S. Those additional fees are small, but add up quickly.

Another common fear that consumers have when it comes to prepaid wireless plans, is being in an emergency without minutes, but consumers should know that this is an unwarranted fear. As long as the cellphone is operating properly, you will still have access to an operator, police, and fire, regardless of the lack of minutes on your wireless plan. In addition, adding minutes is simple via a credit card or another payment method that you have previously established with the company. You can make this call without minutes on the plan as well.

When prepaid wireless originally appeared, it was limited to just secondary communications companies selling prepaid plans and prepaid phones through gas stations and dime stores. However, once the larger companies realized how much business was there, they began to offer their own wireless plans. While the smaller companies are still there, they are struggling to keep up with the aggressive pricing of the large carries. The current prepaid plans from the large carriers are the best available, and in most cases are better than their equivalent contract plan sans phone.

As an example, let us consider T-Mobile, one of the largest wireless carriers in the world. Their popular 500-minute plan is available through a 2-year contract, the Even More plan, and through prepaid, the Even More Plus plan. If a customer buys a $200 phone from T-Mobile and purchases the Even More Plus plan each month for two years, they will spend ~$920. If that same customer brought the 2-year Even More plan and got the “free” phone, they will have spent ~$960. The savings are more remarkable when you consider most will opt for a cheaper phone and not need all of those minutes over two years.

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