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Canon Camera Printer - The Features and Benefits of a Canon Camera Printer

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Save time and money with a Canon camera printer. Ever wanted to print out some glossies of your favorite vacation photos, but didn’t have time to boot up your computer and scroll through all your pics? This inconvenience has been alleviated with new Camera Printers by Canon which allow you to connect your digital camera directly to the printer via USB cable. Compact and stylish, saving extra room on your desk or work area, and using dye-sublimation technology for water and scratch resistant photos, comparable to the best prints from your local photo shop, these are a great innovation in the world of photography. There are also inkjet model printers available, and these produce gorgeous photos as well, but the more popular, slim dye-sub models are perfect for the occasional use, whereas inkjet printers need to be used rather frequently, otherwise the inkjet nozzles can become clogged, requiring costly repairs. Some of the advantages and features of the dye-sublimation models are the clean and dry, protective coating applied to all your pictures through a thermal transfer print process, 300 × 300 dpi, print speeds as fast as forty seconds, 5.8 × 3.9 inch maximum printing area, direct interface with the camera, and more. You do not have to mess with your computer anymore when all you want to do is print your photos. This saves both time and electricity. The Canon CP-100 Card Photo Printer holds up to eighteen pieces of paper in its paper tray, and boasts standard and multiple print modes, with or without borders. The average cost per 4 × 6 photo when you print from a Canon CP-100 Camera printer is $0.55. The dye cartridges are inexpensive to refill, and the design could not be any easier. You simply slide the cartridge in and voila! The user interface is designed with you in mind, and it will print out the photos you choose in minutes. When you turn it on, it detects your camera right away. Some computers have been known to take minutes before recognizing the USB connection of your digital camera. Not so with the Canon line of camera printers.

Whether you take photos professionally or just as a hobby, convenience is the name of the game. You need equipment that lets you work without limitations, and without time pressure. To get a more thorough understanding of just why these camera printers are so practical, you should go to your local print shop or office supply store and ask to see a demonstration. The Canon Selphy ES40 Compact Photo Printer works like a dream. It is compatible with twenty different types of memory cards, prints a photo the size of a postcard in under a minute, and can crop and correct a photo with a few touches of a button. Complete with a convenient carrier handle, it’s an inexpensive product that serves busy photography enthusiasts like no other. The simplicity of the features and the user interface will amaze you. While many like the advantages that are afforded to them by a computer software program, those who have a serious vested interest in photography, or who do it on spec as a freelancer, will need to have the ability to print their photos at a moment’s notice. All major photography shops should have this kind of technology at their disposal. Another great printer from Canon’s compact line is the CP790 Selphy Compact Photo Printer, which boasts a three inch preview screen and is compatible with camera phones. These camera printers come with warranties and a guarantee of quality and durability. The ability to produce your own photos without the aid of a computer also means that you can print your pictures on the go, while you are away on vacation, on a business trip, or wherever you go, so long as you have access to an electrical outlet, or you can use the optional battery pack that you can purchase separately. With the battery pack, you can print pictures in your car on the way to a meeting, which would be extremely helpful and beneficial in a corporate or legal job environment. Clearly, these Canon camera printers are great products, and will prove very useful and convenient to a large number of consumers.

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