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Mens Short Sleeve Shirts - How To Look Cool Wearing Mens Short Sleeve Shirts

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When people think of style, they might think of a supermodel strutting down the runway or a man wearing a three-piece suit. The truth of the matter is that the styles seen on the runway are rarely worn by the masses. And on how many occasions do you actually see someone wearing a three-piece suit? Not often, unless you happen to work on Wall Street. Even in that case, only the upper managers and CEOs would dare to sport such attire. A much more common article of clothing is a man’s short sleeve shirt. No matter what trends come and go, mens short sleeve shirts are always around. This is one piece of clothing that has withstood the test of time. Men’s short sleeve shirts also go perfectly with blue jeans. All that said, it is still possible to look like a complete moron when wearing a man’s short-sleeve shirt. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or going on a date, this is a situation you want to avoid. How do you avoid looking like an idiot when you wear a men’s short sleeve shirt? How do you look cool when you wear a man’s short sleeve shirt? To find out, continue reading.

There is one mens t-shirt that has been around for a very long time. They keep selling it because people keep buying it. It’s a Hanes plain white men’s short sleeve shirt. These shirts can serve many purposes. They can be worn as undershirts, pajamas, for working in the yard, or even to go out to dinner. The latter might sound odd, but give it a chance. These shirts actually look very fitting with a pair of dark blue jeans if you’re heading out to a casual restaurant. And if you can fill-out the shirt a little with some muscles, even better. Women are often attracted to this look very much. The plain white t-shirt shows that you don’t conform to society’s expectations and are somewhat rebellious, which has an essence of sexiness to it. At the same time, it looks good. Just be sure not to order spaghetti sauce if you’re on a date. That sexiness can go down the drain very fast. If you’re a woman, you can also wear this popular mens short sleeve shirt. It has the ability to look good on everyone. Many people feel that white shirts bring out the best features in someone’s face. Whether this is true or not is debatable, but there is definitely something about a Hanes white t-shirt that brings out the best in someone. If you’re dealing with weight issues and feel as though white makes you look larger, this might not be the best option for you. Then again, it could be the perfect shirt to buy to put on your counter. Seeing it every day and wanting to fit in it can act as motivation. Otherwise, just by the black version.

Other great mens short sleeve shirts to wear are ones with solid colors and not much going on as far as print is concerned. A little Nike swoosh or Polo horse can go a long way when it comes to style. If you’re unsure what color, style, or brand is best for you, ask a friend or family member to go shopping with you. Don’t worry. This won’t sound strange to them. Everyone likes to feel needed and enjoys giving their opinions when asked. They will be honored.

There might be some great mens short sleeve shirts out there, but there are also many to avoid. One men’s t-shirt to avoid at all costs is one with a funky saying on it. This style was cool when it first began in the early 90s. Now, it’s completely played out and people that wear them look as though they’re desperate for attention. This is never a good thing. Another type of mens short-sleeve shirt to avoid is one with a lot of colors and/or print on it. This is more distracting than anything else. If you’re looking for people to notice you, it won’t work. They will spend more time staring at the shirt and trying to figure out what is going on than paying any mind to your existence.

Bottom line, for the best men’s short sleeve t-shirts, stick with plain and simple.

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