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Karen Scott Shoes - Karen Scott Shoes Offer Versatility, Affordability

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While some footwear manufacturers excel at high fashion, and others specialize in comfort with little concern for appearance, Karen Scott shoes offer comfort without sacrificing style. Sold in traditional stores like Macy’s, and also online, these shoes have wide appeal.

Aimed at women of all ages, the greatest praise seems to come from those in the thirty-fifty age group. While some styles, such as high wedge platforms, also play to a younger crowd, Karen Scott shoes shine most where busy multi-tasking women are concerned. For those whose work requires wearing suits, dresses, or tailored slacks for a business-like appearance, countless dependable styles exist. Emphasizing classy comfort, there are both closed and open-toed pumps, some with sling-backs for variety. Women say these pumps feel good, even after lengthy standing, and can transition to dining out after work, feminine appeal intact.

Composed primarily of man-made materials, Karen Scott shoes have been designed with options and eye appeal regarding outer finishes. Not only might traditional styles, such as loafers, come in an array consisting of basics to bright colors, but the designers haven’t hesitated to introduce far more than a leather look. While smooth leather looks define some styles and add attractive sleekness to go with work wardrobes, the same styles are just as likely to include patterned fabrics reminiscent of exotic safari animals or reptilian skin. Women appreciate finding a comfortable style, then being able to buy it in several colors or finishes appropriate to specific moods or outfits. Moreover, some women so greatly enjoy Karen Scott shoes that they will buy two identical pairs in case one wears out!

What about price? Karen Scott shoes define affordability, being priced extremely well. Perhaps, this aims to promote multiple purchases of the same or differing styles, as that’s so often the case. Available in sizes 5-11, including half sizes, products primarily accommodate a medium foot width. Also offered are some individualized features overlooked by many manufacturers, such as high boots with discreet adjustments for wider calves. No matter the style, whether sandals or boots, the prices remain budget-conscious.

It wouldn’t be uncommon to purchase a pair of Karen Scott classic, mid-heel pumps for $40-$50 and, for that price, be assured of comfort and style to get through even the longest day. That’s commendable, considering that many more costly brands, often with great style, may not prove as comfortable over the course of the day, or even a lengthy event. It’s as if the designers at Karen Scott have a “can’t miss” formula: equal parts style, comfort, affordability and versatility. Moreover, at Karen Scott, shoes emanate from design veterans who seem to keep a woman’s closet in mind when issuing each season’s line. Their experience supports the viewpoint that women can never have too many shoes, in too many colors

Styles are seasonal, with sandals front and center for warm weather, including the kicky “Sophia” with choices ranging from fuchsia to metallic. Sporting loopy cut-out strapping and rhinestone embellishment, styles like this cork-look medium wedge are favorites with middle aged women wishing to add verve to their casual wardrobe at an affordable $40. Indeed, many have said that, with Karen Scotts on their feet, they’re free of the leg strain often associated with anything but “flats” and forget about wearing a heel at all. Moreover, they don’t experience any headaches regarding cost!

Sandals aside, classic pumps, like “Clancy” or “Delta,” are never neglected by Karen Scott, and although summer might find more white and pastel finishes, sling-backs, and peep toes offered, one needn’t be concerned that a more conservative black or camel won’t be readily available as well. While strappy slides and high heeled t-straps like “Nora,” running around $50 in silver or gold with dazzling sparkle, are perfect for special occasions any time of year, busy multi-tasking women needn’t wonder what they will do when needing boots. Karen Scott shoes offer those, too; and whether tastes run to stacked heel booties with wrap around buckles or knee high footwear for serious weather, they’ll know where to shop. One way or the other, the designers at Karen Scott shoes got it right, because customers keep on going back year after year for the footwear that one satisfied customer described as fitting like a driving glove!

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