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Jacques Lemans Watch - Why Buy a Jacques Lemans Watch?

by joe johnston

Jacques Lemans is an internationally acclaimed luxury watch manufacturer established in 1977 by Alfred Riedl and his brother Norbert. Originally founded in Switzerland, Jacques Lemans watch manufacturers soon opened additional branches in Germany and Hong-Kong due to demand. They recently opened a fourth branch in St. Veit, Austria.
Because many luxury watch companies focus only on a single variant of their watches, or a few variants with minor differences, the Jacques Lemans watch company made it their goal to offer variety along with the elegance often found in a luxury watch brand. Thinking outside the box, Jacques Lemans continually introduces to the market new concepts in watch manufacture, including fresh combinations of analog and digital displays, new dials, varying dial placements and design, etc. They have made it their goal to offer something for every type of luxury watch enthusiast.
For quality movement machinery, the Jacques Lemans watch turned to a Citizen sub-company from Japan named Miyota. Miyota manufactures a twenty-one jewel wristwatch movement with a unidirectional winding system known as the Miyota 8215, which comes with an unusually high degree of accuracy and a reserve of power that lasts for more than 40 hours. This combination of Swiss elegance and luxury together with Japanese micro-technology and precision has helped make for a world famous, critically acclaimed luxury watch brand.
In 2006, a Formula One racing themed Jacques Lemans watch series was introduced. With rubber watchbands inspired by Formula One racing tires, bright red-orange hands, and analog as well as digital time functions, the Formula One Jacques Lemans watch series combined cutting edge design and the precision and speed of the racing craft with the luxury timepiece for which they were already well known. Following their usual strategy of designing many different variants within each series in order to appeal to a wider market, the Formula One watch series offered models with myriad designs and shapes. A huge variety of options exist within Jacques Lemans’ Formula One watches: models with tire track or streaked watch faces; faces that are either square or circular shaped; glowing red-orange dials of different sizes and colors, which are sometimes even overlapping; digital or analog date and stopwatch projections; and an overwhelming variety of borders, number styles, and dial markers. All of these, of course, feature the all-important F1 logo.
In 2009, in association with the UEFA Champions League, Jacques Lemans created a luxuriously beautiful soccer themed watch series. These feature soccer ball dials, soccer based watchbands made from durable leather, and the logo and colors of the UEFA trademark. Together with the Formula One series, this helped to put the Jacques Lemans watch name at the head of high quality sports watch manufacturers, and marks one of the first and most successful releases of sports themed watches from a luxury brand name. It also helped to take the Jacques Lemans name out of obscurity and place it with the hip, contemporary watch designers that are in high demand among the rich, elite youth of today.
Among other Jacques Lemans watch designs are ceramic timepieces with sleek, modern faces; classic designs with gold tone accents, fine leather watchbands, and stainless steel cases; rectangular shaped masterpieces with clean lines and a geometrical sense of order and harmony; and thin, minimalistic designs for those who want their wristwatch to just simply tell them the time. But the Jacques Lemans watch is not only the product made by this legendary Swiss company. Besides luxury wristwatches, Jacques Lemans designs a variety of precision products such as meters for the race tracks they so enthusiastically support, and even chronographs used by the airline industry.
One of the keys to this company’s outstanding success, according to Jacques Lemans Export Manager, Leonhard Schweiger, has always been its international outlook. The Jacques Lemans watch is available in well over 100 countries, offered by nearly 100 international airlines, and has been planted and sold in the biggest and most internationally famous airports around the world across the continents of Europe, North America, and Asia. Continuous worldwide expansion has always been a founding purpose of the Jacques Lemans Company, and one which it has beyond doubt successfully accomplished over the past 30 years, as proven by its incredibly diverse line of models, and inspiring sales and growth figures.

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