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Aberdeen Scotland Hotels - How to Find a Hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland

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To choose a hotel that fits your needs in Aberdeen, Scotland, you must consider the type, location and price. If you haven’t been to Scotland before, the types of accommodation that will be displayed when you do an internet search for hotels in Aberdeen can be confusing. There are numerous categories, such as “bods and bothies,” that will pop up when you type in the keywords: aberdeen scotland hotels.

There are six types of hotels listed by Scotland’s national tourism organization. The first is simply “Hotel.” A Hotel will provide an individual room and usually has twenty or more rooms, most with a bathroom in the room, listed as an “en suite” or “private” bath. They serve three meals a day and have a drinks licence (a liquor license). Next is the Small Hotel, with six to twenty rooms and the same conveniences as a Hotel. There are also International Resort Hotels with five star ratings and a range of activities for sports and leisure. Country House Hotels are set on large tracts of land and encourage peace and quiet. Town House Hotels have up to fifty luxurious rooms and are located in city centres (downtown). They do not provide dinner, but usually have room service. Metro Hotels provide all the usual hotel amenities and are also located in cities, but are not as pricey as Town House Hotels.

Besides hotels, there are Lodges, which were originally built as hotels as opposed to large houses that have been converted to hotels. They are located near major roads and in downtown areas. The reception area may close in the evening and payment may be expected upon arrival. Budget Hotels are always part of a chain and are identical to other hotels in the chain. Inns are bed and breakfast facilities that are located in a hotel-type building and have restaurants. The terms “Guesthouse” and “Bed and Breakfast” are used interchangeably, and though both offer a room, sometimes with an en suite bath, and breakfast, some Guesthouses are not homes, while all B&B’s are private residences. There are also Restaurants With Rooms, meaning the primary business is the restaurant, but there are also a few rooms available for guests. Self Catering refers to a hotel room, apartment (called a flat), house or cottage that is rented by the week and includes cooking facilities.

The last group of terms you will see includes Hostels, Bunkhouses, Backpackers, Bods, Bothies and Camping Barns. Hostels, Bunkhouses and Backpackers refer to large rooms full of bunk beds where travelers, usually single young adults, can rent a bed for the night. Males and females have separate quarters. There are communal bathrooms and a cooking area. Hostels are rated by a star system with more stars being awarded to higher quality facilities. Bunkhouses and Backpackers are not rated and are usually more rural and rustic. Bods, Bothies and Camping Barns are simply a place to sleep for the night. There may or may not be beds, bathrooms or cooking facilities.

Once you know what type of hotel you’re looking for, you can choose where in the city, or outside the city, you’d like to stay. You could stay near the airport, which is far to the northwest of the middle of the city, or you could stay in the city centre, which is near many museums, galleries, and the prime shopping district and entertainment quarter. Those investigating their family history might look for a hotel in Old Aberdeen, where the Aberdeen Family History Society is located. The Cruickshank Botanic Gardens and many historic sites, including King’s College and St. Machar’s Cathedral are also located in Old Aberdeen.

After choosing the type of hotel and the area of Aberdeen you’d like, you’re ready to look at price. Remember that one British pound is worth about one and a half American dollars, and that a 7% VAT (value added tax) will be charged in addition to the room price. Prices at some hotels in Scotland decrease dramatically on weekends. The Marcliffe is a five star Country House Hotel located in the suburb of Pitfodels near golf courses and walking tours of castles and whiskey distilleries. Prices are listed at £215 ($335.82) per night for a double room during the week and £150 ($234.30) on weekends. The Brentwood is a three star Town House Hotel located in the city centre near sight-seeing and shopping. A double room is £99 during the week and £59 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Brentwood Villa is a three star Bed and Breakfast in Old Aberdeen with prices ranging from £60 to £80 for a double room. There are accommodations in Aberdeen covering all price ranges. A little research before you go will result in a much happier trip.

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