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Bathroom Towel Racks - Organizing Your Bathroom With Towel Racks

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There are so many bath towel racks to choose from nowadays. You can get over-the-door multi-level towel racks for convenience and to reduce clutter, or you can have traditional wooden towel racks that go inside your already installed towel rack holder. They do not have to be expensive, nor do they have to be of cheap or poor quality. For today’s modern bathroom, you may prefer a stainless chrome bathroom towel rack for a clean shine. These are easy to clean because you can get it damp without hurting it at all, which might be a concern for certain wooden oak bath towel racks. Many homes have decorative towels along the sides of the wall next to the towels for usage, and these decorative towels are complemented by a decorative or high-quality bath towel rack. Bath towel racks begin in price from fifteen dollars up to one hundred twenty dollars, depending on the range of quality and price you might happen to be looking for. Some people prefer to store their towels on towel racks instead of putting them in the closet, in order to have the convenience of being able to reach their favorite towels without digging through the closet. Bath towel racks have changed in design over the years in order to keep up with the more modern decorative fads, but the classic designs, including wooden and hard plastic, are still in use and widely available. In designing a contemporary house, many bathrooms have chrome bathroom towel racks pre-drilled and already installed, welded to the ends of the holder, forming one piece. These can be purchased at home improvement stores or the home and garden section of your local department store, and range in price from sixty dollars and up, depending on the brand and quality. Some generic brands sold by Wal-Mart are very good for the money. You can have bathroom towel racks in different lengths. If you have a longer or larger bathroom, it makes sense that you may want a longer bath towel rack, or a multi-level rack for all your towels.

Installing towel racks is usually very simple. Your towel rack that you purchased at the store should include easy-to-follow instructions, and all the necessary hardware should be included. If you really want to go simple, you can just cut a dowel stick down to size and fit it into the towel rack holder already in your bathroom. As far as the chrome towel racks go, it’s as easy as drilling some holes into the wall and tightening in the screws or fasteners. If you have tile, you will want to be careful not to crack this as you install the screws, and it may be helpful to drill the holes manually, or to have it professionally done. Bath towel racks don’t need to be overly complicated or fancy, but you will want something that looks nice. Besides looking nice, a bath towel rack should enhance your bathroom’s functionality by making your towels easy to get to, and they should be long enough that you can hang your towels out fully to air dry when they are not in use, both your bath towels and the towels you use for drying your hands with after washing them. Getting you bathroom in order should be one of your first priorities when moving into a new house or having a new house built. It is typically one of the first rooms in the house seen by guests, and everyone uses it at some time or another. Looks are not all that matter in organizing your bathroom, but it should be a priority, nevertheless. Everyone wants their bathroom to look nice, to be in good order, and guests should not have to hunt for the hand towel when they need to dry their hands after a wash. The standard size for a bath towel rack is fourteen inches, but you can get them shorter or longer depending on your needs and the size of your bathroom. The modern look is definitely in, but a traditional oak towel rack makes a nice contrast to a modern bathroom, or to a country decor. There are bath towel racks to fit every need and budget. Just check out your local department store.

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