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Timex Gps Watch - The Ultimate Sports Watch Timex GPS Watch

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For the serious sportsperson, professional or amateur, a timex gps watch will be available in September 2010 that can be a powerful tool for measuring, tracking and improving performance. Whether running, hiking, cycling, skiing, skydiving or windsurfing, this is a tool that will measure distance, elevation above sea-level and speed accurately. Timex makes several models of GPS watches, but the Ironman Global Trainer GPS Watch is the top of the line. It is a high performance training tool right on the wrist. Each of the five customized screen displays can show up to four windows of information. It is easy to customize the settings with free desktop software that can be downloaded from the Timex website. It is compatible with Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X10.6 or newer.

With five possible screens for time, heart rate, distance, calories burned, pace and more, the timex gps watch face can be customized to suit particular needs. It has a USB port to connect to a PC or Mac to upload data, customize watch settings and a recharge the lifetime lithium-ion battery which will last up to 15 hours when using the full GPS mode. This battery will take up to 500 full charges before any loss of capacity can be noticed.

The memory technology is also amazing in the Ironman Global Trainer GPS Watch . It has memory for 20 workout sessions with a dated summary of performance metrics and records up to a 1000 laps. The GPS technology does not need calibration and gives real-time feedback. It measures a location with the altitude ascent and descent distances and rates of the runner or skier. It stores routes for up to 100 waypoints to track back and create routes and will recall up to 50 routes for pace tracking.

The wireless sensor compatibility works with the Timex heart rate and bike speed sensors. The hands-free automatic operation has the ability to automatically take a lap reading every mile, 5 miles or minute or 10 minutes etc. Workouts can be saved and compared to future performance by the performance pacer. For bikers it works with the Timex Digital 2.4 heart rate and bike speed, cadence and distance sensors. It is compatible with third party bike power meters that use the same Timex technology. It can be mounted on a bike and every timex gps watch comes with a bike mount in the box. The Ironman Global Trainer GPS Watch is mounted on it.

Surprisingly, even with all these features the timex gps watch is slim and attractive for a sports watch and doesn’t look like it holds so much technology. It is available in one size but the strap will adjust to the wrist of a small woman to a standard large man’s wrist. It weighs less than 3 ounces only 84 grams, so it is very easy for anyone to wear.

Unlike most GPS watches it is water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet). This is an added benefit for triathlon athletes. The GPS function doesn’t work underwater, but for these sportspersons it doesn’t need to. Also, it will not work indoors, so the timex gps watch will give a prompt single to turn off the GPS to save the battery. It can be turned off in the GPS menu Configure Mode. When it is turned on it will take a few minutes to connect to the GPS signal at first. After it gets the first fix, it will capture signals in less than 90 seconds.

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