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Fort Smith Hotels - The Best Of All Fort Smith Hotels

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Reasons for staying at a Fort Smith hotel are often different than reasons for staying at hotels in other cities. There are a few attractions in the area, which include the Forth Smith Trolley Museum, the Fort Smith Museum of History, the Fort Smith National Historic Site, and the Clinton Library in nearby Little Rock. Some people may visit Fort Smith, Arkansas, for these attractions and the overall small town feel, but most people visit Fort Smith for business or to visit loved ones at one of the many Fort Smith military bases. This has no affect on prices. The hotels in Fort Smith cost about the same as hotels in other areas of the country. Value, on the other hand, is a big factor. Some Fort Smith hotels have been around a while and have had enough ease getting customers that they are now going through the motions. This leads to service and amenities that is satisfactory at best. Luckily, there is one Fort Smith hotel that recently opened and is striving to be the best in every category. Their work is already paying off.

In most cases, an article of this nature would focus on several hotels in a city so the reader can compare and see what might be the best fit for them. This situation is much different, and will be dealt with differently. Whether you’re visiting Fort Smith for business or leisure, there is one hotel that is much better in almost every category than the other hotels in the Fort Smith area. An added bonus is that this hotel also offers tremendous value. It has a cheaper average nightly rate than almost all the hotels in Fort Smith. This hotel is the Best Western Fort Smith Inn & Suites. You might be thinking that Best Westerns are nice, but nothing extraordinary. That would be accurate; however, this Best Western is not like the others. To prove this point, several traveler reviews have been summarized for you. This will give you an excellent idea of what to expect.

Before we get to these summarized reviews, let’s first look at the basics for this new Fort Smith hotel. The Best Western Inn & Suites is located at 6500 Rogers Avenue, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903-3950. Right when you walk in, you will be able to tell that this is not your average Best Western. The lobby is beautiful. If you tour the hotel, you will find an elegant breakfast room with comfortable chairs and round wood tables. You will also find a business center, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool. And if you stop to e-mail someone about the great amenities, you will be able to do so thanks to free WiFi service. Your room will be large with a bed (or two), bathroom, and living area with a couch, table, and cushioned chair. In case you’re already wondering how much all this might cost per night, the Best Western Fort Smith Inn & Suites has an average nightly rate of $93 per night. The Comfort Suites is the only other Fort Smith hotel with a lower average nightly rate, which is $85 per night. All other hotels in Fort Smith have an average nightly rate above $100.

As far as traveler reviews go, there were several common themes. One is that the beds at this hotel are the most comfortable beds any of these travelers had ever slept on. Another common theme was the overall cleanliness of the rooms and hotel. A few reviewers appreciated the 32-inch televisions. The location was also mentioned by many, stating that there were restaurants and malls on the same street. Restaurants nearby include Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, and Pho King. Every single reviewer recommended this hotel, with most of them giving it perfect score in all categories: value, rooms, location, cleanliness, service, and sleep quality. The lowest score in any category was a 4 of 5, and this was rare. Titles for traveler reviews were: Awesome, Hidden Gem, One of the Best Hotels in Fort Smith, 100% recommended, and Great Mattress. Needless to say, if you plan on visiting Fort Smith, you might want to consider staying at the Best Western Fort Smith Inn & Suites. For reservations, call 1-800-454-6835.

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