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Britax Convertible Car Seat - Information About Britax Convertible Car Seats

child crash child’s body

The name Britax has become synonymous with child safety. They have engineered car seats that have a capacity for children up to 100 pounds, and they have been tested twice as much as Federal regulations require, ensuring the protection of your child during a crash or a sudden stop. They are contoured to your child’s body, and designed for better posture and superior head protection during a crash. During a crash, the center of gravity is lowered by a material underneath your child that provides a natural cushion, enabling your child to stay out of harm’s way during impact. The number one killer of children during a car crash is impact of the head with the front seat of the vehicle. Britax convertible car seats have aimed to change that, and they have largely succeeded. With the added security of Safe Cell technology, your child will be as far removed from the danger of hitting the front seat during a crash than with any other brand of car safety seat. Integrated steel bars work with your car’s seat belt to keep the seat from flexing forward during a crash like most other brands do. Even more than this, Britax brings something to the table called Patented, Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether, which reduces the forward movement of your child’s car seat even more, with a controlled release of the tether component that will enable the car seat to reduce its forward rotation as your car impacts the struck object. All of this also helps protect your child from whiplash and movement in the event of a sudden stop. The top of the car seat, in particular, is protected from this forward movement, protecting the child’s head, the most crucial part of the body needing protection during a crash. Here are some other improvements that have been made to the design of these protective car safety seats. There are two different seat belt combinations to accommodate your child as he or she grows. Your child will be protected from side impacts with deep side walls that are lined with an absorbent foam material that will evenly distribute the force of impact, will shield your child from foreign objects or anything else entering the sides of your vehicle, and will form a cocoon covering your child’s head, neck, and body.

Some other features include anti-slip, contoured base grips to help avoid movement during the car ride, and help the car seat easily fit into the back seat. The car seat itself is designed with high density comfort foam for a more comfortable ride, useful during long trips. Your child will be able to sleep easily. You can install the car seat forward or in reverse, depending on which is more comfortable and convenient for you and the child. In the unfortunate event of an accident, your child will be further protected from harm by a five-harness system that evenly distributes the force of the crash across the strongest parts of the body. A piece of common sense has finally been added to the design of the modern car seat, which is a harness holder for added convenience. It keeps the harnesses out of the way when you are putting your child in the car seat. If the car seat is purchased with an infant in mind, it may be necessary to buy the optional Infant Positioning Insert, to allow the harness to fit snugly around the child’s body. All of these awesome features and more allow a safe and comfortable trip for your child, and an added peace of mind for you, the parent or guardian. The growing up years of your child are gone so quickly, there is no reason on earth not to make the investment in your child’s future and security with one of these harnessed, highly-secure, high-comfort Britax convertible car seats. They allow room for your child to grow, you will not need to buy another one, and you have a manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee with every purchase. Few things in life are more important than your child’s safety, and it takes the knowledgeable craftsmanship and engineering of Britax to ensure a safe and comfortable ride in the car for your child each and every time.

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