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New York Airport Service - New York Airport Service - The Main Options

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In large metropolises such as New York City it can be hard to get to and from the airport in a timely fashion. Both forms of transportation – public or people using their own vehicles – are subject to delays. In the case of public transportation such as buses and subways – there are waits for specific lines, traffic, crowds, and so on. And in the case of travelers driving to the airport on their own there is the hassle not only of traffic, but the ever present challenge that parking presents. There have probably been a countless number of missed flights due to these factors alone, and this can be a very frustrating and time consuming and expensive experience that ruins or badly delays plans.
It is for this reason that airport services came into being. An airport service is a company that is devoted to transportation to and from airports. They are especially useful and necessary in large urban centers like New York.
There is in fact a company called the New York Airport Service. This company provides transportation to both JFK and LaGuardia airports. It is, of course, not the only New York airport service in existence. Aside from this there are a number of other options for going to and from New York City airports. The following is a list of some of the main airport travel options in NYC:

New York Airport Service
Website: http://www.nyairportservice.com/

New York Airport Service, as noted above, offers transportation to and from JFK and LaGuardia airports. This company uses a variety of different transportation media for getting their customers to these airports on time. These include sedans, limousines, coaches, and chartered buses. Their fares are $12 for a one way trip to LaGuardia and $15 for a one way trip to JFK. The round trip fares for the same trips are $21 and $27 respectively. Transportation to mid town Manhattan hotels and to Newark Airport is handled by what they call their sister company: Go Airlink NYC.

Website: http://www.panynj.gov/airports/jfk-airtrain.html

Airtrain must be used in conjunction with the New York City Subway system, but it is an inexpensive and reliable way to get to and from JFK airport, which is New York City’s largest airport. You must use the Howard Beach and Jamaica subway lines to access this rail service which runs directly to any JFK terminal as well as long term parking lots. The trip only costs $7, so it is a great value. However travelers should be forewarned that the trip can take up to an hour from the above mentioned stations to the airport and of course more for the travel time required to get to those points of departure.


The super shuttle is a New York airport service that uses vans. In an attempt to offer the service economically, the vans pick up a number of passengers (usually around 10) at once and drive them all JFK airport. The trip costs $21. Though this is fairly economical, there can be delays and waits both the get picked up and while the vans pick up other passengers. Nevertheless this is a fairly efficient and cost effective way to get to the airport and avoids many of the hassles of other forms of travel.

Limousine Services

There are numerous limousine services in New York City that will drive travelers to airports or anywhere else they ask for that matter. But this mode of transportation to and from airports is for those for whom money is not so much of an object – a single trip might cost between $50 and $100.


One could mention taxi cabs, but these are used for so many different transportation situations that it seems a bit redundant to mention them in an article exclusively about airport transportation services. Taxis can however be a good transportation medium to and from airports when other methods fail. They are more expensive than some of the options mentioned above, but they nevertheless beat many of the difficulties and hold ups associated with public transportation and use of personal vehicles.

So those are a few options regarding New York airport services. These services are generally a good way to beat the hustle and possible difficulties or delays that New York City can throw in the path of traveler pressed for time. So save yourself a lot of sweat and frustration and consider availing yourself of a New York airport service next time you have to go to catch a plane out of the Big Apple.

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