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Myrtle Beach Bed And Breakfast - Choosing The Best Myrtle Beach Bed and Breakfast

serendipity inn miles night

Visiting Myrtle Beach and staying near the ocean is one thing, but staying at a bed and breakfast in Myrtle Beach is even better. There are hundreds of hotels in Myrtle Beach, which can make your decision where to stay difficult. Luckily, when it comes to bed and breakfasts in Myrtle Beach, there only a handful to choose from. This article will focus on the best bed and breakfast in Myrtle Beach, which is the Serendipity Inn. Just to prove this is not a form of advertisement and only for informational purposes, the Serendipity Inn has received a 4.5 customer rating. This high of a rating for any form of hotel or bed & breakfast is very rare. What makes it even more impressive is that it’s based on 64 reviews. It is said that pictures speak 1,000 words. If you looked at the pictures for the Serendipity Inn, you would understand why. Everything is in its proper place, clean, and inviting. If you would like to find out more about this popular Myrtle Beach bed and breakfast, please read below.

The Serendipity Inn is located at 407 71st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach. Some might argue that this is considered North Myrtle Beach, but it’s actually still Myrtle Beach. This, in turn, puts it in an excellent location. You don’t have to deal with the crowds in either area yet have easy access to them. The Serendipity Inn is only 300 yards from the beach, which makes it the perfect distance for a nice walk, but not too far where you would have to take a car. The overall aura of this bed and breakfast is a quiet and romantic one. It is 100% non-smoking, which helps with the cleanliness. A house rule of no pets also helps in this regard. This is additionally beneficial if you don’t like to hear dogs barking and waking you up in the middle of the night.

There are unique decorations throughout the Serendipity Inn. Each room is based on a different time period, which is certainly unique for a bed and breakfast. One of travelers’ favorite parts of the Serendipity Inn is the courtyard fire pit. There is nothing more romantic than sitting beside the fire on a cool summer night. For the daytime, there is an outdoor pool and a hot tub, the latter of which is surrounded by decorative flowers. If you want to tan, there are plenty of lounge chairs. If you prefer the shade, there are several tables with large umbrellas.

The location of the Serendipity Inn isn’t only great in regards to Myrtle Beach, but also in relation to other cities. Wilmington, North Carolina is only 65 miles away and Charleston, South Carolina is 93 miles away. If you live in or near one of these areas, you will have a good idea of the travel time. And if you’re planning a trip to the southeast, visiting all three cities can be done with ease. As far as local distances, the Serendipity Inn is 8 miles from the Alabama Theater, 5 miles from the Palace Theater, and only 2 miles from the Carolina Opry. If you plan on flying in, the Myrtle Beach Airport is 8 miles away.

Another reason the Serendipity Inn is rated as the top bed & breakfast in Myrtle Beach is because of the prices. The cheapest room in off-peak season rents for $55 per night and the most expensive room during peak season rents for $139 per night. A third person can be added to any room in any season for a charge of only $10. Accommodations include a private entrance, private bathroom, a DVD player, free access to a DVD collection, a refrigerator, a microwave, an iron, and free WiFi. Rooms range in size from a Queen Room to a King Apartment. A complimentary breakfast is included with your stay. If you would like to make a reservation at the Serendipity Inn, call 1-800-762-3229. If you’re local, you can also call 843-449-5268.

If this doesn’t sound like the right Myrtle Beach bed & breakfast for you, there are two others to consider. One is the Cain House Bed and Breakfast on 29th Avenue. The other is the Bed Man Inc. on North Kings Highway.

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