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South San Francisco Home - The Advantages of a South San Francisco Home

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Finding the right city in which to settle and create a life is a big task. Many people decide to live in a South San Francisco home. A South San Francisco home has many, many advantages. Located in the San Mateo County of Northern California, a south San Francisco home makes a lot of sense for people who enjoy mild weather. The western hills block out most of the thick fog that permeates the rest of San Francisco.

A South San Francisco home is located North of the San Francisco International Airport. The town has a population of about sixty thousand people. Since the end of the second world war, the area has experienced a dramatic rise in population. New subdivisions have contributed to the number of people who call South San Francisco home to triple over the last sixty-five years. North of South San Francisco is Sign Hill. It is called Sign Hill because the hill has huge white letters sitting on it that tell everyone that this “The Industrial City.” The large white letters that make up this hard-to-miss landmark are made from concrete that sits almost flat against the slipping hillside. An interesting point of distintion is that South San Francisco is completely and totally it’s own city. It is in no way contiguous with the city of San Francisco. In fact, the local residents of the area usually call South San Francisco simply “South City.”

South San Francisco has a considerable amount of parks. The largest of these these is the Orange Memorial Park. The Orange Memorial Park has fields for soccer and softball, play areas, picnic tables, tennis courts, a bocci ball area, basketball courts, and even it’s own indoor swimming pool. During the summer season, the Orange Memorial Park plays host to a fantastic farmers market. In September, the city holds an event that they call A Day in the Park at Orange Memorial Park. Besides parks, south San Francisco also has an incredible network of biking and jogging paths that will make any outdoor enthusiast flip for joy. For those people who enjoy playing a nice round of golf and relaxing in the great outdoors but do not like the experience of feeling rushed while golfing at pcrowded public courses, South San Francisco has exactly what they need. The California Golf and Country Club is a private facility that is located within the city and is absolutely gorgeous. This is a city that loves having fun outside and staying active and healthy.

People who make a South San Francisco home also have access to a wide variety of world-class restaurants. With the wide variety of races and cultures who populate the city, residents can choose between Thai, Indian, Mexican, and other exotic cuisines. They also have choices of restaurants that are famous the world over. One such restaurant is Bertolucci’s Italian eatery, which has been around for decades.

People who decide to call South San Francisco home also have great financial and career opportunities open to them. There are a plethora of large companies thriving within the city. In fact, the two largest employers in the city of South San Francisco are United Airlines and Genentech. The world headquarters of See’s Candies and Hudson Soft USA are both Located in South San Francisco.

South San Francisco is a wonderful place to make a home. The parks and bike trails are are unbelievable. The restaurants are top notch. The people are incredibly friendly and helpful. It is on the ocean and has its own great marina, which makes it a fantastic place to swim, boat, play water sport, lie out on the beach and soak up the sun, play beach volleyball, jet ski, scuba dive, fish, snorkel, search for sunken treasure, or just relax. The weather is unbeatable. The economy is in great shape. It is close to San Francisco, but does not have as many people taking up the resources, clogging the streets with traffic, and taking away all of the tax money. It is very close to an international airport and many major freeways. And above all, the city has a character that is charged with positive energy and a zeal for life.

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