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Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach - For Class And Comfort, Stay At The Cavalier Hotel In Virginia Beach

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Why would someone want to travel to Virginia Beach for a vacation? There are many potential reasons. It could be the dozens of attractions, the numerous annual festivals, the superb shopping opportunities, or to stay at the Cavalier Hotel. There aren’t many hotels that have such an impeccable reputation that people go on vacation more to see the hotel than to see the area. In most cases, people stay at a hotel for a decent place to sleep. In the morning, they depart and take advantage of all the local attractions. The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach is different. If it were open to the public, it would most likely be the number one attraction in Virginia Beach. Why is this the case?

The Cavalier Hotel was built in 1927, which gives it a distinct sense of style and classic architecture. If that’s not important to you, don’t worry, this popular Virginia Beach hotel offers plenty to do. They have added amenities, restaurants, and services throughout the years. If there were ever any flaws, they have been fixed. Another big advantage to staying at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach is that you will be at the north end of town, which means you will have a great deal of seclusion.

Amenities at the Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach include a large fitness center, a rectangular outdoor pool with a diving board and lounge chairs on all four sides, a circular kiddy pool, an indoor pool, sports courts with tennis and basketball, a game room with foosball and ping pong, free valet parking, laundry services, dry cleaning services, a hotel concierge, and a gift shop. There is also music by the pool on Saturday afternoons during the summer.

The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach is comprised of the Grand Cavalier and the Cavalier Oceanfront. If you prefer opulence, stay at the Grand Cavalier up on the hill. Everything here will be more upscale and this is a more popular option for couples than families, which makes for a quieter atmosphere. If you’re traveling with family, you’re a beach person, and/or you enjoy ocean views, stay at the Cavalier Oceanfront. Since the Cavalier Oceanfront is more geared toward families, you will find it to be more casual.

There are many dining options at the Cavalier Hotel. While the dining options are plentiful and of high quality, they are not as extravagant as you might expect for a hotel of this caliber. This is not meant in a bad way. It’s actual nice to be able to relax while dining near the beach. There is no need to get dressed up. You can go to any restaurant on the premises wearing jeans and a t-shirt if you so choose. The Sand Dollar is the most family-oriented restaurant. They serve full meals, but their appetizers are the most popular. The Dolphin Lounge is a classy bar where you can also dine. The Breezeway Café serves sandwiches, fruits, and salads, and is the perfect option if you’re hanging out by the pool. The Pocahontas Dining Room is the most traditional of the all-season restaurants at the Cavalier Hotel. Oddly, they serve breakfast and dinner, but no lunch. If you’re looking for fine dining in the summer, this is where you should go. The Hunt Room Grill is only open in the winter. It offers a rustic atmosphere and you will have an opportunity to dine by a roaring fire. The Kid’s Café is only open during the summer. This neat little restaurant is for kids ages 4-12. No adults are allowed. If you’re a parent, it gives you a chance to eat alone and relax for a little bit while your children are fed and watched under close supervision. On Wednesdays and Saturdays in the summer, there is also a steak night from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. It comes with potato, salad, and dessert, and is served at the Pocahontas Dining Room.

The Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach is located at 4201 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. If you’re interested in reservations, call 1-800-446-8199. There are 2-night, 3-night, and Midweek Packages available. These packages cannot be booked online and must be inquired about directly through the hotel.

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