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I Ve Fallen And Can T Get Up - The Reality Behind the Quote: I've Fallen and Can't Get Up

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“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is a quote that is commonly used during humorous exchanges. This quote comes from a television commercial that aired in order to promote senior alert systems. In the commercial, an elderly lady is sprawled out on the floor and she helplessly cries out to an empty house, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”.

The reality of this scenario is often terrifying to senior citizens and the families who love them. While senior citizens often wish to retain their personal freedom as they age, it is also necessary that they receive appropriate care, especially in the case of emergencies. Senior alert systems are a practical way to make sure your aging loved ones never need to cry out in despair, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up.”

How it Works

Senior alert system like the one featured in the, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” commercials is typically worn by seniors at all times in the form of a bracelet, necklace or key chain. In case of accidental injury or a fall, the senior can simply push a button on their alert system in order to receive immediate assistance. As soon as the alert button is depressed, a wireless signal goes out to a call center agent, who then contacts the proper authorities so that they can be dispatched to your exact location. The response time is very swift when a senior uses their alert system and it can very often be a life saving decision to provide your elderly loved ones with a direct line to the help they need in emergency situations.


While senior alert systems are most commonly used when one of your loved ones falls and has to cry out, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up,” accidental falls are not the only situation in which an elderly individual can use their alert system. Seniors are often preyed upon by thieves because they are not able to physically restrain or chase after intruders. A senior alert system can allow elderly individuals to call for help in case of burglary without their intruder ever knowing what they are doing. In this manner, burglars can be brought to justice with the press of a single button.

In addition, while it is a shameful truth, many senior citizens fall victim to abuse at the hands of their caregivers when they become too weak to properly defend themselves. By equipping your elderly loved ones with senior alert systems, you will be ensuring that they will never have to cry out, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” due to abuse at the hands of a caregiver. The moment any given situation becomes abusive in nature, your elderly loved one can simply depress their alarm button and have help immediately dispatched to defend them against harm.

Reality Check

While every senior alert system promises to provide stellar service, you would be wise to thoroughly research any prospective company before signing a contract with them. Some elderly alert systems route alarm activations to a third-party call center, in order to reduce the costs associated with running their own personal call center. The price of this outsourcing can be great in terms of your beloved senior, as it is difficult to ensure fast response times when your calls for help are answered by individuals who are not under the direct supervision of your elderly alert system provider.

Before selecting the elderly alert system team that you would like to have respond to your loved one’s cry of, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up,” you should ensure that your provider runs their own call center. This way, you can rest assured that your alert system provider is directly responsible for the service they provide your elderly loved one. Make sure that if your senior family member ever has to cry out, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up,” while you are not present, only one of the best teams in the industry will hear and respond to your loved one’s cry for help.

Taking the time to do your homework on all of your prospective senior alert system providers will likely pay off in the form of peace of mind and a fast and skillful response in the face of an emergency.

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