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Dubai Holiday Packages - Consider Dubai Holiday Packages the Next Time You Travel

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Dubai has captured the world’s attention with their spectacular real estate developments, action-filled sporting events and even Guinness world records. It is heaven for shoppers with its unrivaled variety of products at reasonable prices due to its open port and minimal import duties. It has become a prime destination for vacationers all over the world. With Dubai holiday packages designed for all budgets, visitors flood in from Europe, Africa and the United States.

Dubai holiday packages are a great way to sample what this great city has to offer. You can experience both ancient traditions and contemporary luxuries in one unforgettable trip. Of course shopping is a must. You can practice your haggling skills in the marketplace or visit some of their enormous modern shopping malls. Bargains are there for the taking.

When you’ve had your fill of shopping you can head to the golf course for a challenging game on a championship course with a backdrop of gorgeous scenery. Perhaps the beach is your preference. Swim the warm waters of the Persian Gulf or take a sail on a traditional wooden dhow. Parasailing is available, or hike an extinct volcano. After a long day out of doors, you’ll be hungry. Never fear! There are many excellent restaurants in Dubai that shouldn’t be missed.

It’s hard to believe this was once a small fishing village untouched by visitors, but you can get a taste of history with Dubai holiday packages that concentrate on the local traditions. You can arrange your stay in a Bedouin tent set under the stars complete with local foods. Belly dancers will entertain you, and even teach you some of their exotic moves. Desert safaris are available, or take a four-wheel drive vehicle over the colorful sand dunes. Camel farms and the spectacular Arabian Desert sunset make wonderful photograph opportunities.

Sightseers will enjoy the stunning architecture of this fast-growing city. Book a tour that includes the Jumerira Mosque, the 150 year old Fort, and the Old Arabian Houses. Water taxis, called abras can take you to the popular Gold Souk and Spice Souk where you can shop ‘til you drop! Then, after an excellent meal, try out the nightlife at one of Dubai’s hot nightclubs or discos.

Dubai holiday packages abound, or you can book your flights, hotels and car rentals separately. If you want to avoid the worst of the heat, you’ll want to book your trip between November and April. Find out why the girls of “Sex and the City” went to Dubai. It’s one of the most interesting, exciting and memorable holidays you’ll ever have.

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