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Linksys Wireless Bridge - The uses of a Linksys Wireless Bridge

router cable bridges ethernet

A Linksys Wireless Bridge is an incredibly useful device which replaces Ethernet wire by transmitting a wireless signal. It’s not a wireless router; it just broadcasts an Ethernet signal to a wireless router. Though it seems relatively simple in functionality, it can have many different uses. Let’s look a t some of the uses and features of a Linksys Wireless Bridge.

The biggest and most obvious feature of the Linksys Wireless Bridge is its ability to replace unsightly cables. Though many modern devices include Wi-Fi capabilities, there are just as many which don’t, and running a cable from them to your wireless router can be between hard and impossible, depending on how far away your device is from your router. Even if your device is relatively near to your router, you may not want to run a cable to it because it will be unsightly and have to stretch across the room. The Linksys Wireless Bridge is a great solution in this situation.

Another way it can be used is as a Wi-Fi extender. As great as Wi-Fi is, it can only go so far (only several hundred feet). If you have to go further away from your router then that, then you almost certainly don’t want to run an Ethernet cable over that length. Several Linksys Wireless Bridges can be put into a chain to build a long chain that is still much easier to deal with than a long, unsightly, and tangle-prone cable.

Wireless Bridges, just like Wi-Fi routers, come in many different types. Linksys Wireless Bridges, of course, use Wi-Fi, so they are rated according to normal Wi-Fi standards. The main Wi-Fi standards are 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. Those may seem like cryptic names, but basically the difference is the difference in what wireless speeds it can broadcast at. Remember that if you get one that has lower capacity that your router and / or internet connection, then you may not be getting optimal speeds through it. The different standards are explained on the packaging, as well as an easier to understand speed list. You will probably want to shop around a bit and look at reviews to make sure you are getting the best Linksys Wireless Bridge for you, as they come in many different models.

Another great feature of Linksys Wireless Bridges is that they are plug and play. They do not require any sort of set-up or installation, as they are essentially cables. They can simply use a short bit of Ethernet cable to connect them to your device, plug them in, and they work! Setting up normal routers can be very difficult, and this easy setup will be a welcome relief to anyone who has installed a wireless network.

Linksys Wireless Bridges are a great line of products that make networking so much easier and not only reduce, but eliminate, the need for long, annoying Ethernet cables. They will make a great addition to your home wireless network and can be used to allow you to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. They are incredibly simple to use and set up, and you’re sure to love them. They come in many different types, so there is almost certainly one that will meet your needs.

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