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World Cruise Center - What You Need To Know About The World Cruise Center

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Have you ever been on a cruise? Most people have not. It might not seem this way because you have most likely heard stories about amazing cruises people have gone on. The reason for this is because cruise vacations are more memorable than land-based vacations. This leads people to telling stories about their trip. When it comes to vacations, it’s polite to say that you had a good time and move on to another topic. It’s considered rude to brag about what a great time you had. If the people you’re speaking to cannot afford such a vacation, you will only be rubbing it in. Many people aren’t aware of this rule, but it’s one that you should consider abiding. The last thing you want is someone to think you’re obnoxious when you don’t intend that at all. On the other hand, when it comes to cruises, people cannot help going on and on about the experience. They don’t mean to be rude. What they’re really trying to do is indicate to the listener(s) that even if they have to put everything on a credit card and it’s not within their budget, do it anyway. Money comes and goes; memories last a lifetime.

Taking a cruise might sound exciting, but if you plan on departing from the west coast of the United States, where would you go? The answer is the World Cruise Center, which is by far the largest port of call on the west coast. The World Cruise Center is also host to some of the top cruise lines in the world, including Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Celebrity Cruises. If you’re not sure what company to begin researching first, consider the names. They will often give you a hint of what to expect. For instance, the Disney Cruise Line will be ideal if you’re planning a family vacation. In this case, the ports of call are not as important as the amenities on the ship. The Caribbean Cruise Line will sail primarily to the Caribbean, which is best suited for couples looking for a romantic getaway. There are many more companies sailing from the World Cruise Center. You should be able to find whatever you’re looking for.

The Word Cruise Center is located at the Port of Los Angeles, Berth 93, 92, and 91, San Pedro, California 90731. If you plan on driving to the World Cruise Center and parking your car, there are a few options to choose from. If you’re taking a 3 to 4 day cruise, park in lot 1 or 2. These two parking lots are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. You will be charged $1 per hour for the first 10 hours or $12 per hour for 24 hours. The maximum daily charge is $12. If you need a parking lot that is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, use lot 6, 7, or 8. As far as fees go, most of the same rules apply. You will be charged $1 per hour for the first 10 hours or $12 per 24 hours. There is a $12 maximum. The only difference in regards to parking fees is that the first hour will be free. These lots also offer a courtesy shuttle. However, these shuttles are not handicapped accessible. If you or someone you’re traveling with is handicapped, attempt to use lot 1 or 2. If you are taking a cruise that’s longer than 4 days, you will have to take a shuttle service.

There are many shuttles in the area that service the World Cruise Center. Your best option for an airport transfer will be United Checker Cab Co-Op. This is the best option simply because everyone will ride for the price of one. If you’re traveling with a group, you can’t beat that type of deal. The phone number for United Checker Cab Co-Op is 888-275-4822. If you want to ride in style and would prefer a limousine, use LW Transportation. Their phone number is 877-595-4664. And if you would like a shuttle service that services all airports and the World Cruise Center, consider Lotus Airport Shuttle. Their phone number is 888-568-8740.

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