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New Chapter Vitamins - How to Understand the Diffence of Using New Chapter Vitamins

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New Chapter Vitamins is a line of vitamins and other health products that have quickly become the one of the most popular brands in the industry due to the manufacturers commitment to quality and public health. All of the products that are offered by New Chapter vitamins are 100% organic instead of the synthetic chemicals and minerals that many vitamin manufactures rely upon. When it comes to vitamins and mineral, it is no secret that are many manufacturers of health products out there that offer goods that differ dramatically in both quantity and affordability. Offering high quality vitamins at a price that the average person can afford is the main reason that New Chapter Vitamins has managed to emerge as the leading name in organic health products.

At the heart of New Chapter Vitamin’s mission in the health product industry is a commitment to changing the way that retailers and customers think about vitamins and minerals. While most vitamin manufacturers produce their products from chemical isolates and market them as food supplements, New Chapter Vitamins produce their products from actual food and encourage their customers to view their vitamins as a type of natural food itself. By doing so, New Chapter hopes to open a “new chapter” into how vitamins are manufactured and sold in our society, which is how the company came up with their name.

As part of the corporation’s commitment to high quality health products, New Chapter Vitamins owns and operates their own completely organic farm in Costa Rica called Luna Nueva. Luna Nueva has accomplished the difficult task of obtaining the highest possible level of certification in organic farming from the famous European organic farming inspection company Demeter International. While there a number of different items that New Chapter Vitamins produces for its products at Lune Nueva, the two ingredients that the farm has become known for is turmeric and ginger.

New Chapter Vitamins works with organic farms all over the world to obtain the necessary ingredients for the rest of their organic vitamins and minerals. The company has managed to find sources for over 150 different ingredients that are certified as being totally organic. Whenever possible, New Chapter Vitamins does everything in their power to obtain ingredients that have been Demeter certified and are grown using sustainable farming practices that take advantage of all of the biodynamic principles that are designed to make a farm a self-nourishing system.

New Chapter Vitamins takes the organic foods, herbs and spices that they grow or purchase from organic farms and use these products to produce vitamins that made from whole food complexes instead of artificial chemicals. According to the research that New Chapter Vitamins has based its mission upon, the human body is designed to absorb naturals sources of vitamins and minerals much easier than synthetic products. As a result, vitamins that are produced from organic foods act in tune with the body rather than upon the body.

New Chapter Vitamins points what they call “the milligram myth” as being one of the central flaws of the mainstream vitamin industry. While a vitamin supplement made synthetic chemicals from synthetic chemicals might offer 200 mg of a particular vitamin, New Chapter Vitamins argue that a vitamin made from whole foods could contain only 50 mg of the actual vitamin while being tremendously more effective. This is due to the fact that the synthesized vitamin is not easily recognized by the body and will simply pass through the digestive system as waste, while the vitamin produced from whole foods will actually be recognized by the body and will be properly metabolized.

New Chapter Vitamins is also committed to using organic foods in the production of their health products due to their stance that probiotics represent one of the most promising fronts on the efforts to uncover naturally methods of reaching and maintaining optimum health. Priobiotics are a type of beneficial bacteria that help the human body metabolize vitamins and minerals made from whole foods into the nourishment that one needs in order to thrive. Many of the health products that are offered by New Chapter Vitamins include probiotics that help your body take full advantage of the benefits of using organically produced vitamins.

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