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Uncle Mikes Holsters - Uncle Mike's Holsters: Tough, Tried and True

mike’s shoulder inside paddle

Uncle Mike’s has been a leading brand of shooting accessories since 1947. A favorite among hunters, competitive shooters, military and law enforcement, Uncle Mike’s provides an extensive array of holsters to choose from, including paddle, hip and shoulder holsters, and concealment holsters.

Paddle holsters are a popular choice for men or women. The customized adjustment capabilities make a paddle holster a comfortable and effective option, as the wearer is able to adjust the holster to fit their body size, gun size, preferred carry style and level of concealment desired. The paddle holster is designed to accommodate a variety of shooter body types, adjustable to individual preferences of carrying height. It can be modified for use with guns of varying butt-length, as well as providing different carrying positions, such as butt- or muzzle-forward styles. The low profile design and material of the paddle holster also makes it a good choice for carrying concealed weaponry.

Uncle Mike’s Sidekick hip holsters are constructed of quality nylon, making them waterproof and durable. This lightweight material conforms to fit the shape and size of the gun inserted, and returns to its original size once the firearm is removed. This enables the shooter to carry with confidence and comfort, knowing the gun is secure. Uncle Mike’s also has an ambidextrous hip holster, which converts for left- or right-hand use in addition to a reversible clip for inside or outside the pant use. Finally, a larger size hip holster is available for large-frame gun choices.

The shoulder holsters available at Uncle Mike’s include the Sidekick Bandolier holster, vertical and horizontal shoulder holster and cross-harness shoulder holster. The Bandolier holster is a perfect choice for large, scoped handguns. It features a padded shoulder strap and belt loop for comfort, flap shields to protect your firearm from moisture, and an adjustable retention strap for added security. Vertical shoulder holsters enable the user to adjust the holster to their preference regarding inside or outside the jacket wear, and the self-centering back strap and adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit with the ease of movement required. Uncle Mike’s horizontal shoulder holsters provide lightweight comfort with fast draw capabilities. Lastly, the cross-harness design has remarkable weight distribution and customized fit for comfort, along with waterproof padding and nylon construction for easy carrying. The cross-harness holster adjusts for left- or right-handed use and has belt anchors for added security. These quality shoulder holsters are available to meet even the most strenuous law enforcement, military or hunting needs.

Concealment or concealed carry holsters found at Uncle Mike’s include the aforementioned shoulder and paddle holsters, in addition to inside-the-pocket, inside-the-pant, ankle and belt slide holsters. The design of Uncle Mike’s inside-the-pocket holsters provides a low profile, comfortable and secure option for pocket carrying. The laminate construction of the holster ensures decreased imprint recognition through clothing and protection from perspiration or pocket debris and guarantees an upright positioning in the pocket for drawing ease. Uncle Mike’s inside-the-pant holsters offer the option of an open holster or a Velcro retention strap for carrying security. These holsters are made of laminate with a nylon lining, providing both a moisture barrier against perspiration and the ability to execute a quick draw. The outer material is a suede-like blend to help anchor the holster inside the shooter’s waistband. The wrap around design of Uncle Mike’s ankle holsters with removable calf strap is a perfect choice to conceal a compact-sized gun. The adjustable nylon straps are available for left- or right-hand usage and ensure comfort for the shooter. Finally, Uncle Mike’s selection of belt slide holsters include the Super Belt Slide Holster, the Hidden Hammer for hammerless guns, and the Side Bet and Baby Bet Belt Slide Holster, which provide optimum side concealment with a butt-forward angle.

The holsters available at Uncle Mike’s will meet the needs of most hunters, competition shooters, law enforcement and military personnel. With the array of choices, including paddle, hip and shoulder, and concealment holsters, even the most discerning shooter will find a holster to suit their preferences. Uncle Mike’s holsters are tried and true, and have proven themselves to stand the test of time and endurance. You just can’t go wrong with Uncle Mike’s!

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