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Cheap Hosting Uk - Choosing the Right Cheap Hosting for UK Websites

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UK businesses and webmasters in search of cheap web hosting have an amazing amount of choice available to them. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of that choice can overwhelm us. Sure, the process would be simple if selecting cheap hosting for a UK website was as simple as finding the lowest price, but of course, nothing in life is that easy. Instead, we have to work hard to find the best price for a service that also meets all of our critical needs. In order to help, we’ve assembled the following the guide:

1. Target a UK-based web host, and avoid resellers.

For obvious reasons, web hosting is an international business, but as a small UK-based company, you limit yourself by dealing with a company outside of the UK. With a UK company, you have better access to a webhost’s reputation, and you have easier recourse should something go wrong. It is OK to consider a foreign company that has a land-based UK presence. In addition, avoid UK resellers. One, they often resell for a company outside the UK. Two, dealing with an intermediary introduces a great amount of unpredictability.

2. Exceptional, UK-based 24/7 customer support is vital.

In your search for cheap hosting in the UK, do not sacrifice 24/7 support including all holidays. The web never sleeps, and the financial loss due to extended downtime can be substantial. In addition, do not assume that a UK company bases their customer support in the UK. The good ones do, but those looking to cut costs will outsource it, and there is little more frustrating than a language barrier when your website is down, and you can almost see the money floating out the window.

3. Focus on references in the UK.

If you know webmasters of other UK-based websites, speak to them, and consider their positive experiences. Their hosting companies may be outside of your price range, but it will give you a start. When you do finalize your shortlist of affordable hosts, seek at least three UK-based references from each. The goal is to speak with references that share as much as common with you and your company as possible.

4. Seek dependability, reliability, security, and speed of access.

The point of the references is to gain confidence that this company provides the uptime, security, and speed of access that a profitable website will demand. Every company offering cheap hosting in the UK boasts unparalleled dependability and reliability along with their unbeatable prices. Don’t fall prey to the marketing, and instead, challenge everything. Consider that loss of money due to any unreliability is in effect raising the cost of the hosting.

5. Consider saving money via host advertising.

At this point, you may be wondering how you are supposed to find all of these qualities in a cheap UK host. Well, web hosting is a competitive business, and because of that, these services are out there. However, there are ways to cut costs further with premium services. One common way is through affiliate programs where you drive traffic to your web host from your website, and achieve a discount for doing so.

6. Selecting storage space and bandwidth, and understand what unlimited really means.

It is common for the cheapest UK hosts available to offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. How can they afford to offer this? They can afford it because unlimited actually has finite limits that are spelled out in the fine print. So don’t be caught up in the allure of “unlimited” bandwidth, and instead, compare web hosts based on the actual maximums. The key here is to know or accurately assess your website’s needs. If you get 50 visitors per day, you will use approximately 250MB of bandwidth each month. If you get 30,000 visitors, you will use 30GB. The average website uses less than 1GB of storage. As you can see, the “basic” packages of most UK webhosts cover all but the largest websites.

7. Opt for flexibility whenever possible.

Finally, be willing to pay a little more for flexibility. If you have agreed to advertise for the host, take a little less to be able to opt out whenever you choose to. Likewise, you can usually get a big discount by locking yourself into a 2-year plan. Then, what happens when the website outgrows the current plan a year later? There are fees involved. Locking yourself into a long-term plan for savings is an excellent idea when you have established the website, and large growth is unexpected. For now, pay a little extra for the flexibility.

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