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Men's Sweater Vest - Looking Stylish in Mens Sweater Vests

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In the months of the year when the temperature can change in a heartbeat from cold to warm, it’s important to dress for the weather. You want to look stylish but also have some functionality to your clothes so that you don’t have to lug around a jacket all day. In the early spring and late fall when the seasons are in transition, consider adding mens sweater vests to your wardrobe collection.

Sweater vests have gotten a bad reputation over the years, often the butt of jokes and the object of ridicule. This is most likely because many people are only familiar with homemade sweater vests that fit poorly and have little style. Modern, professionally crafted sweater vests are making a comeback. They are the epitome of style and marry function and looks together in one garment. A lot of people associate mens sweater vests with golf and tennis, but sweater vests have come a long way and are no longer relegated to members of the country club lifestyle.

Mens sweater vests can add the finishing touch to any outfit, lending an air of class and elegance to any man who decides to wear them. What’s even better is that most of the time, mens sweater vests are very affordable, making them low cost accessories than can give the wearer a lot of mileage. They can be thrown on very quickly over any kind of shirt instantly making the wearer have a more polished and clean look. Also, because of their versatility, they can be worn in both casual and dressy occasions with only a few minor wardrobe adjustments.

When choosing between mens sweater vests, it’s important to choose a vest that fits the body well. Many people make the mistake of buying mens sweater vests that are too lose, under the impression that larger clothes can hide flaws in physique. That line of thinking could not be farther from the truth. Clothes that do not fit and are too big make a person seem even larger than they are. Instead, a man should choose a sweater vest that fits the body well so that it leaves him with a tailored look with a clean silhouette. Ideally, mens sweater vests should hug the contours of a man’s body, yet still offer enough room to comfortably wear another shirt underneath.

Mens sweater vests come in a variety of thicknesses and materials, depending on the manufacturer or designer. In general, the thickness of the sweater should be determined by the climate in which a person lives. The colder the environment, the thicker the sweater vest should be. In the winter, a man might want to have several wool mens sweater vests that can help to insulate him from the elements. In the summer, sweater vests can still be worn to add style to any outfit. During warm months, a man should choose vests made of light fabrics like cotton, linen, or cashmere.

One of the most important factors when purchasing mens sweater vests is the color and/or pattern of the vest. When trying to dress well, it’s important to keep the concept of contrasting or complementing your sweater with the other garments in your outfit. Mens sweater vest look great with long or short leaved button down shirts. For shirts that have stripes or other patterns on them, men should choose a solid color sweater vest. The solid color can help to break up the busy pattern, taming even the wildest shirt design and making the outfit wearable to any kind of event. On the other hand, solid shirts go very well with sweater vests that have some patterns on them. One popular pattern is argyle. Argyle patterns can have several colors in the design, some of which should complement the underlying shirt. For a more subtle look, a man can choose a simple herringbone pattern or plain stripes.

Not only do mens sweater vests go well with short or long sleeve, button down shirts, but they also go well with polos. Again, it’s best to choose a vest that contrasts with the underlying shirt in order to guard against wearing an outfit that is too busy and colorful. Finally, mens sweater vests can even make the lowly t-shirt look elegant.

For people wishing to add mens sweater vest to their wardrobe, a number of designers and clothing companies offer a wide array of selections that vary in price and quality. For example, it’s possible to find mens sweater vests at discount stores for less than $20. At the other end of the spectrum, designers like Ralph Lauren and Burberry offer cashmere sweater vests that cost over $200. Most mens sweater vests fall between these two price extremes, with sweater vests at stores like The Gap and Abercrombie and Fitch costing around $50.

Mens sweater vests are making a comeback. They can instantly add style and class to any outfit and are the perfect accessory for cool days.

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