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Antique Wall Sconce - Decorating with an Antique Wall Sconce

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Lighting can change the mood of a room instantly, transforming a dark and dreary space into a warm and inviting environment. Indeed, good lighting and consideration of light sources is a hallmark of good interior design, but unfortunately, many people often overlook their options for lighting as they are designing their rooms. Many times, rooms will be fully decorated and painted before people realize that their lighting situation is less than optimal. Rooms that are poorly lit can make even the most beautifully decorated home look bad. Not only do they make homes look old and dreary, but they can also make a house feel smaller than it actually is. Having well planned lighting in a home can have the exact opposite effect. It can lighten the mood of any room and make even the smallest spaces seem larger than they are. Installing permanent lighting solutions into an existing room can be expensive or in some cases not viable due to structural constraints. For example, to install ceiling lights, electricians have to drill holes from overhead, which may not be possible depending on the construction of the building. People also have the option to add standing and table lamps to their rooms, but in small spaces with limited surfaces, placement can be difficult without making the room appear cluttered. One good solution that many people turn to in these cases is adding an antique wall sconce to the room. An antique wall sconce is an excellent way to save money and space, while providing good light and a bit of old charm to any room.

An antique wall sconce can be powered by electricity or by candles. Antique wall sconces that rely on candles are often cheaper than electric sconces since there is no wiring involved. However, if a homeowner relies on using the antique wall sconce frequently, the candles will have to be replaced often, making the price of the sconce higher over the lifetime of the fixture. Also, candle sconces can be impractical, requiring homeowners to light them whenever they want extra light in the room. Not only this, but homeowners must take into consideration that any open flame is a potential fire hazard that requires attention and care. Electric, antique wall sconces will cost more on the front end than candle powered sconces, but the benefits outweigh then initial costs. Most importantly, these sconces are not nearly the fire hazards that candle powered sconces are. Next, they are convenient, needing only the flip of a switch to turn on. Finally, they offer a more professional look that can make them seem like they were part of the original home design. An electric, antique wall sconce does require professional installation, however, which can tack on additional costs on the front end. Also, placement of the sconces may be an issue depending on the construction of the home and the walls of the room.

Placement of the antique wall sconce should not be overlooked since this will have a great effect on the overall mood and lighting effect of the room. Using one antique wall sconce along a wall can highlight a certain area of the wall, making it a focal point. A series of antique wall sconces can also be placed along a wall. Paired with dim bulbs, the series of wall sconces can create a dramatic look similar to the lighting found in many art galleries and museums. More than one antique sconce can be used to highlight and emphasize certain areas of the wall that have beautiful paintings or sculptures near them. For example, a pair of sconces hanging around a painting can frame the piece of art, making it a focal point of the room, while also providing ambient light to the rest of the area.

Antique wall sconces come in many designs and finishes. One popular finish for an antique wall sconce is brass. Brass sconces are an excellent way for homeowners to add some sparkle to their rooms and can fit any design scheme from traditional to modern. The warm, golden color of brass can also add warmth to a room while also magnifying the light in the room because of its reflective surface. If brass sconces will not work in a particular room’s design scheme, there are also more muted finishes that can be chosen such as brushed steel, nickel, or pewter.

Adding an antique wall sconce is a great way to add style and extra lighting to any room.

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