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Florida Online Schools - Florida Online Schools for College Students

business related online degrees computer technology schools online health care programs multimedia and the arts online accounting degrees communications programs

There are several programs that offer college level courses online in Florida. Many of the online degree programs are focused on business, accounting, and health care because these are fields that easily translate to online learning. Some of the Florida online schools have local campuses in Florida as well as their online programs, while others are national online schools that are based in other states but available to Florida residents. Florida online schools provide students with Associate’s as well as Bachelor’s degrees.

Business Related Online Degrees

The College of Business and Technology in Miami, Broward College, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of Central Florida all offer business administration degrees with varying degrees of online study available. Each school is nationally accredited, which means that the business degree that you earn through any of these Florida online schools will be well-respected when you begin searching for a job after graduation. Specific degrees offered are Business Administration, Administrative Office Management, and General Public Administration. Capella, Westwood, and Walden offer Bachelor’s degrees, while the rest offer Associate’s degrees. These Florida online schools allow you to attend classes on your own schedule and at your own learning pace.

Computer Technology Schools

Computer technology is a growing career path in the United States. Florida online schools that offer programs in computer technology include the Florida Institute of Technology, Florida Atlantic University, and Valencia Community College. The degrees offered include Networking, Computer Training, Network Communications and Management, Computer Programming, and more. If you are interested in building a career based on computer technology, these programs will provide you with the skills that you need before you enter the work force. The Florida online schools offer both Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in computer sciences. Some of the schools also offer computer science graduate work online.

Online Health Care Programs

Health care programs are some of the most popular Florida online schools programs because of the growing need for health care specialists. The demand for health care workers is at an all-time high in the United States, and it continues to increase dramatically. Some Florida online schools that offer health care courses are Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, Miami Dade College, University of Florida, and Gulf Coast Community College. Each school offers several different fields of study related to health care. You can choose from general health care degrees to more focused programs that will give you the skills you need to begin a career as a technician or registered nurse.

Multimedia and the Arts

Florida online schools are particularly well suited to deliver instruction in multimedia and the arts. Graphic design, web design, and animation are all computer-based careers. The fact that all of the work is done on a computer means that they are easier to learn through a computer-based medium like the internet. Florida online schools that offer these types of programs include the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Digital Media Arts College of Boca Raton, and the the Miami International University of Art and Design. Students can earn an Associate’s degree with online courses from any of these nationally recognized colleges and universities.

Online Accounting Degrees

Almost all of the Florida online schools offer online Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in some form of accounting. You can study basic accounting through one of these programs, or you can earn a more specialized degree in a certain area of accounting. New College of Florida, Palm Beach State College, and Pensacola State College are all home to accredited accounting programs. You can choose from two-year programs or four-year programs based on the time you have available to devote to school and the type of career you plan to work toward once you graduate from college.

Communications Programs

Technology has made communications programs very popular for online students. Florida online schools offer several choices when it comes to earning a communications degree. You can find quality communications courses through Indian River State College, Northwest Florida State College, and Chipola College. Each school offers Associate’s as well as Bachelor’s degrees in the communications field of study. Communications is another field that translates well to online studies because it involves learning to communicate through modern technology. Students who earn degrees from these Florida online schools will be well prepared to begin careers in communications related fields as soon as they graduate.

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