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Fort Worth Texas Jobs - Insider's Guide to Fort Worth Texas Jobs

government 3.1%

The Dallas-Fort Worth economy is holding its own in 2010. The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that it is the fastest growing metro area in the country, with an amazing 25 percent population increase since 2000. Many people are pulling up stakes and moving there because the state has a business friendly atmosphere that has encouraged the growth of Fort Worth Texas jobs. Forbes magazine has declared Fort Worth number four of the top five metro areas in the U.S. to find employment.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that for the time period between October 2007 to October 2008, Fort Worth Texas jobs added were the second largest increase in the country. The largest gains were as follows:

Natural resources, mining, construction 2.2%

Trade, transportation, utilities 1.8%

 Educational, health services 4.4%

Leisure, hospitality 3.7 %

Government 3.1%

The hottest and faster growing source of Fort Worth Texas jobs is the biomedical industry. This includes pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices. The most well known employers include Alcon, Galderma, and Healthpoint Ltd. Alcon is recognized as a worldwide leader in eye care product research and manufacture. There are over 2,500 employees at the Fort Worth location alone. Dermatology pharmaceutical company Galderma, best known for skin cleanser Cetaphil, has a research facility that focuses on acne medicated lotions such as Differin. In conjunction with this burgeoning biomedical influence are the many hospitals and medical centers that provide well paying Fort worth Texas jobs. Southside Medical District has over 30,000 employees alone.

The major growth has been fueled in part by the massive Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, a connection to the entire United States and the world. Major air carrier American Airlines is also based in the area. Transportation is an attractive asset for business. Having access to such a large international important is vital to distribution related Fort Worth Texas jobs. Many global companies have headquarters or a presence here for this reason. For instance, Alliance Airport is an industrial airport and has contracts with FedEx, making it a key source of logistical Fort Worth Texas jobs. Technology and electronics retailer RadioShack employees nearly 4,300 people. The toy company LEGO has it’s North American distribution center located here as well.

Naturally, because of the emphasis on the biomedical and bioengineering sectors, education is a key growth field. There are many universities, colleges, technical/trade schools, parochial schools, private schools, and many public school districts. In fact, one of the largest employers is the Fort Worth Independent School District. The higher education choices include Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Tarrant County College, Texas Christian University, Texas Wesleyan University, and the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Not only do these institutions attract educators, researches, ministers, administrators, coaches, scientists, doctors, etc., but they also provide the opportunity to train for highly skilled Fort Worth Texas jobs.

Manufacturing has taken a hit, but is doing quite well compared to the rest of the country. Aerospace giant Lockheed Marten is one of the largest employers, providing some of the most coveted aeronautics and engineering jobs in the world. Bell Helicopter-Textron is another aeronautic manufacturer that focuses on helicopters. For cars, General Motors has a large assembly plant located here. Also, with 2600 employees, ATC Logistics and Electronics provides supply chain and logistics electronic equipment.

The city is known as “The City of Cowboys and Culture”and has a large tourism industry that provides many Fort worth Texas jobs. The Fort Worth Convention and Visitor’s Bureau claims that the city is the number one tourist destination in Texas, with over 5.5 million annual visitors. As a result, employment in hotels, museums, personal transportation, retail shopping, restaurants and other hospitality related services abound. One of the more unusual occupations involves working for the rodeo! The numerous attractions, culture, beauty, and good food make Fort worth a favorite location for business conferences and conventions.

For those looking for assistance with finding Fort Worth Texas jobs and training, there are several resources and initiatives. Texas employment centers can aid in the search for Fort Worth Texas jobs. With all of this opportunity and support, job seekers are sure to find what they need.

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