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Las Vegas Chapels - Top 3 Luxurious Las Vegas Chapels

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Las Vegas has been the wedding capital of the world for a long time, with more wedding chapels per capita than any other place on earth. With the combination of entertainment, gambling, good food, and nice weather, it’s not hard to see why. Renting Las Vegas chapels for weddings is an inexpensive way to get married. Some chapels even offer drive through service for very affordable prices. However, if your standards (and budget) are higher, you cannot go wrong with getting married in one of many Las Vegas chapels in one of the mega-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas is home to some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world, each of which can host a wedding fit for royalty. In Las Vegas, your only limit is your imagination. If you want an elegant and extravagant wedding, these three Las Vegas chapels will not disappoint.

1. Wynn Las Vegas Chapels

The Wynn is one of the latest mega-resorts on the strip owned by legendary casino builder, Steve Wynn. The Wynn Casino exudes opulence, wealth, and splendor. Its wedding chapels, or as the Wynn calls them, salons, are no different. Exuding warmth with richly painted walls and draped with luxurious fabrics, the wedding salons at the Wynn make the perfect backdrop to any fantasy wedding. The Wynn Las Vegas features three wedding salons to choose from depending on the capacity that is needed. The Lilac Salon seats up to 65 guests while the larger Lavender Salon holds a maximum of 125 attendees. For those who want an outdoor wedding, the Primrose Court can seat 40 guests or hold 70 people standing. The Primrose Court can also double as a wedding reception area for after the ceremony. The Primrose Court is quite popular with couples due to the beautiful weather that Las Vegas enjoys year round. It can also host day and night weddings. Weddings at the Wynn Las Vegas chapels can start as low as $1000 in the off season on weekday mornings.

2. Bellagio Las Vegas Chapels

The Bellagio was another Steve Wynn property until it changed hands to MGM in the last few years. The Bellagio is an iconic casino along Las Vegas Boulevard that is fashioned after a French Riviera, ocean-side town. The Bellagio set the standard for modern mega-resorts when it opened, having the distinction of being the first hotel in Las Vegas to cost more than a billion dollars to construct. The Bellagio houses two wedding chapels: The South Wedding Chapel and the East Wedding Chapel. The South Chapel is the larger of the two and can accommodate up to 130 guests, while the East Wedding Chapel is more intimate, holding 30 guests. Each of the wedding chapels is nicely decorated with the colors of cream, peach, and pastel pinks dominated the color scheme. The Bellagio chapels can also be modified to meet the requirements of your wedding if the staff is notified in enough time. The Bellagio also offers a number of wedding plans that can fit any budget, each offering different levels of amenities and luxuries. For those wishing to get married outside, the Bellagio also offers the use of is Terrazza di Sogno, a small, marble-floored terrace that overlooks the lake.

3. Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Chapels

The Mandalay Bay resort anchors the south end of the Las Vegas Strip and towers over the area with its golden walls of windows that rise over 30 stories into the desert sky. Mandalay Bay houses two wedding chapels called Sunrise and Sunset respectively as one faces east and one faces west. Like the hotel itself, the two wedding chapels draw inspiration from colonial Asia, each decorated with a sophisticated, tropical theme. The chapels feature opulent chandeliers, stone floors, lush vegetation, and French doors, all accented with beautiful, tropical flowers. These rooms are quite popular and need to be booked several months in advance for sunrise and sunset weddings. In addition to the two wedding chapels, couples can also elect to get married on Mandalay Bay’s world famous, man-made lagoon that features a beach and “ocean.” The hotel offers several packages, the cheapest of which starts at $675, with each tier getting progressively more extravagant and expensive.

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