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Women's Khaki Pants

top khakis wearing black

Tips on Wearing Women’s Khaki Pants

Khaki pants have become a staple in the closet of every man, woman, and child. This is due to the fact that they are so versatile, comfortable, and affordable. However, khakis did not originate with those ideas in mind. In the 1960’s, khakis were exclusively worn as work attire for men, never leaving the office. A decade later, they became a popular trend for “nerds.” 1987 was the turning point for khaki pants when Levi Strauss introduced the Docker line. They were elevated into the “cool” status to be worn by both genders, all stereotypes, and every age.

Even though khaki pants are notorious for being suitable for every occasion, this is not to say that they match everything in the same way as jeans. Khakis carry with them an air of respectability and decorum with a hint of casual appeal. Any woman planning on wearing khaki pants must keep this in mind when picking out a top. However, the top can be chosen in a way to dress the pants up or bring them down a notch without appearing as though trying to make an outlandish fashion statement.

Women can dress up their khaki pants for occasions such as an interview or a business lunch with certain styles of tops. The most common is the classic button up blouse. Without many frills, it matches the tone of the khakis, but it provides a professional quality to them. To amp up the professional tone, some women will add a feminine blazer. Pairing either of these tops with khaki pants often provides a sense of authority in the workplace while at the same time, demanding equality by wearing an outfit originally designed for men.

Khaki pants are not restricted to office attire, especially for women. While most men only bring out their khakis on casual Fridays and Sunday brunches, women can get away with looking natural wearing them to pick up the kids, run errands, or even lounging around at home. However, in such cases, the blouse or blazers may look out of place. A casual T-shirt, sweater, or tank top will perfectly match whether it is a solid color or a flamboyant print.

When it comes to pairing a top with khakis, many styles pass as complementary, but there are a few exceptions. Among these are graphic tees, glam tops worn for clubbing, and anything with large amounts of lace or sequins as they do not keep in tone with the pants.

One of the great things about khaki pants is that they accommodate nearly any color even if they do not accommodate every style. Even though khakis can range from an extremely light tan to a deep brown and even to shades of green, it is hard to come across a color that cannot be pulled off. Even black and white, which are often considered harsh colors, mix well with khakis. The only tip to provide in this category is to avoid wearing a shade of khaki that is too similar to the shade of the top. For example, do not wear the darkest khakis with a black top or the lightest khakis with a white top.

Footwear is often a topic of discussion when it comes to women’s khaki pants. The traditional rule for men is to wear dark colored socks, preferably in an argyle pattern, with dress shoes. Women have the rules a bit more relaxed. They can get away with wearing clean sneakers, dress shoes, or even sandals as it is acceptable for women to not wear socks with khaki pants. Generally, when it comes to a dressier occasion that requires fancier footwear, women should try to wear a low heel and avoid any sort of spike or stiletto. A modest pump can be substituted.

The final thought to give to creating an outfit surrounding khaki pants is to the accessories. The outfit can be dressed up with more eye-catching jewelry as long as the top is not already dramatic. This works best with a casual top or a solid colored top. When toning down an outfit with accessories, a simple gold charm or small hoop earrings will be efficient. A popular fashion trend is to wear a flowing scarf in place of the traditional brown belt. However, be careful of wearing black accessories. If the top is not black, the black accessory will detract from and overpower the rest of the outfit.

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