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Game Rental Online - How to find game rentals online

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Thanks to the Internet, video game rentals online has become just as simple as renting games at a store. A person doesn’t even have to leave their home in order to receive video games in their mailbox. With a few clicks and for a few dollars per month, video games can be just as accessible as anything else on the Internet. There are three main companies that allow you to rent games online and receive them at home within a few days. The main providers of video game rentals online are GameFly, Gamerang, and Gottaplay. Of course, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Video game rentals online work very simply. A user chooses the games they’d like to rent and the rental company mails them their video games (if they’re available). Within a few days, the games arrive at the subscriber’s home so that they can play them for as long as they want. When a person is done with that particular game, they send it back and receive their next game. Each company offers multiple game plans that include having two, three, or four games out at a time. For varying monthly fees, a subscriber gets as many video games as they want to play and send them back when they’re done to receive a new game.

All three of these companies offer video game rentals for the current consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, and Nintendo DS) as well as a handful of the older generation consoles. GameFly offers over 7,000 video game titles, while Gamerang and Gottaplay offer less than 6,000 titles each. Although all three companies are adding games constantly, it’s unlikely that any of them will be able to keep up with GameFly’s numbers. Gamerang, however, is the only service to allow users to rent PC games.

Depending on how many games a subscriber wants to have out, there each provider offers different subscription plans with varying prices. For a single game out at a time, Gottaplay offers the lowest monthly rate at $12.95. GameFly charges $15.95 per month and Gamerang charges $17.95 per month. For multiple games out, however, GameFly is the best choice because Gamerang has expensive plans for more than one game out, while Gottaplay only offers one and two game out plans. GameFly’s four game plan is almost $20 cheaper than Gamerang’s.

As for shipping speed, GameFly and Gottaplay are the quickest with two to four days for receiving games. Gottaplay, on the other hand, takes anywhere from two to six days to receive games. Honestly, shipping time for all three online game rental companies is fairly quick and reasonable. All three services involve no shipping costs to the subscriber, which is a great benefit for their subscribers. A person only has to use the prepaid shipping envelope to send their games back in the mail.

GameFly is the best choice for hardcore gamers, but Gottaplay is the cheapest option for one and two game plans. Gamerang hangs somewhere in the middle of its competitors. Without a doubt, GameFly beats the competition for turnaround time, games library, and multiple game out plans. The competition doesn’t look like it’ll be able to compete with GameFly on the same level anytime soon. Video game rantals online have never been easier. Luckily for every type of gamer, there are multiple options and service providers available at different prices. The Internet has allowed for great new innovations with respect to video game rentals online.

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