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Kauai Car Rental - How to Get the Best Deals on a Kauai Car Rental

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Thousands of tourists flock to Kauai every year to soak up the sun and enjoy some of the most beautiful natural vistas on earth. However, if you are to get the best value possible out of your trip to the Garden Isle, it is important to be able to get around as you please, especially if you are interested in seeing the area’s most beautiful out-of-the-way beaches or little-known hidden gems.

Shuttles, buses, and guided tours force you to rely on schedules that have already been set for you. Taxi fares are expensive and can add up quickly. However, Kauai car rentals offer the independent tourist a convenient, enjoyable way to explore the area at his leisure. A car rental in Kauai also costs less on average than the same car rental would cost anywhere else in the United States (approximately $40 to the $55 national average). Weekly rates can be as low as $100-150 on average. This makes a Kauai car rental a highly affordable option as well. National Car Rental, Thrifty, Dollar, Hertz, Alamo, and Avis Rent A Car are located at Lihue Airport or near Kapule Hwy (Hwy 51).

Decide what type of vehicle you’re looking for and make your reservations early.

The best time to start thinking seriously about your Kauai car rental is after you’ve begun to plan the specifics of your itinerary while in Kauai. Are you traveling with family in tow? An SUV or mini-van might be a good option for you. Is your trip to Kauai part of a business trip? Make a good impression with a sedan or luxury car. Are you looking to save a few dollars on gas? Choose a compact economy car with terrific gas mileage. Determine what type of vehicle you will need as soon as you can and make your reservations early to be sure you get what you want. Many rental agencies offer lower rates on rentals made well in advance. The further in advance you can finalize your reservations, the more you will ultimately save.

Book your Kauai car rental online.

You may already know that ordering goods or requesting services online often results in greater savings and special deals. Car rentals are no exception. The internet also makes it a simple, stress-free process to compare rates and shop around – no sales pitches to sit through and no reliance on representative to tell you what you need to know. All the information you need to make an informed decision is right there at a glance. Whenever possible, choose weekly packages or rental plans that cover multiple days, as these are by far the most economical choices in regards to price.

Consider visiting Kauai during the off season.

If you’re going to be in Kauai on the off season, you can save even more money on your Kauai car rental. Rental agencies want to make sure business stays steady even when tourism rates are low and discounts are an effective way to do that. Airfare, hotel rates, and other vacation expenses will be lower as well. If you’re able to be flexible in regards to when you visit Kauai, you may want to take this into consideration before finalizing your plans.

Know the driving regulations in Kauai.

Avoid frustrating problems and unexpected fees by knowing what you’ll need to obtain a Kauai car rental in advance. For instance, it is important to note that many Kauai car rental agencies charge an underage fee for drivers under the age of 25. (Underage fees tend to run between $20-30 per day on average.) Furthermore, Kauai does not allow anyone under the age of 21 to drive at all, so be sure to take this into consideration before finalizing your rental plans. The person who will be renting and driving the car will need to fulfill all the legal requirements of Kauai before a car will be released to him or her.

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