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Hampton Bay Fans - How to Choose the Best Hampton Bay Fans For Your House - Placement, Space & Lighting, Color and Design, Shopping and Installation

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Hampton Bay is the Home Depot’s own brand of ceiling fans, lighting and cabinets. The popular ceiling fan line comes in a variety of colors and styles that will go great with just about any home’s atmosphere. So with dozens of different styles, sizes, and colors, how do you pick a Hampton Bay fan that will fit best with your own unique decor and house design? Read on to find out!


First things first, you need to decide where in your home could benefit from a fixed ceiling fan. Obvious choices include the kitchen and living room, where you often see striking ceiling fan designs that enhance the atmosphere of the room. (As well as their more obvious function of circulating air, of course!) But what about bedrooms? Dens? Large hallways or thoroughfares? Maybe even outdoors? Hampton Bay makes designs that can fit great in all of these locations. Go through your house and decide exactly which rooms could benefit from a well-placed, well-matched ceiling fan.

Space & Lighting

Now that you know what rooms could benefit from a ceiling fan, it is time to take note of a few things. One, how high are the ceilings in the room? If they are rather low, not to worry. You can find plenty of low-profile ceiling fan options that do not extend far downward, thus avoiding unneeded headaches! On the other hand, if they are too high for a fan to be of much effect, you can find “downrods” to bring the fan closer to the floor.

Next, take note of the room size as a whole. Is it an expansive living room, or a rather small bedroom? Imagine the fan’s placement in the room, and measure the distance from blade to blade that makes the most sense to you. Large rooms obviously can handle large fans, or maybe even multiple fans if you have more than one light fixture. Take notes of the estimated fan measurements in inches so that you can be prepared when you head to the store.

The next question to ask yourself is whether or not each fan should have an incorporated lighting fixture. Stylish lights can add an extra-special touch for many rooms, but for some rooms it is not practical or necessary to do so. You can find plenty of lighted and non-lit models, so this is largely a decision of personal preference.

Color and Design

This may go without saying for accomplished home decorators, but your fan can reflect just about any style that you wish to have for your home. You can find old-fashioned brushed copper models, wrought metal, modern contemporary, or even island paradise-style designs! If your home does not yet reflect one certain style, a unique ceiling fan is a great way to set the tone.

If you use your fan outside, you will need to make special note to only purchase models that are specifically made for outdoor use.

Shopping and Installation

When you have made all of these considerations, it is time to go shopping for your Hampton Bay Fan! You do not even need to leave your house to do so, either – you can view dozens of styles right on Home Depot’s site. With all the right information in hand, selecting a style and size that will fit your home should be no problem at all!

Home Depot even hosts a handy video for how to install your own ceiling fan. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, this can be a great resource. But if you are unsure of the process, you should probably hire an electrician to professionally install it for you. Before you know it, you will have beautiful new Hampton Bay fans accenting your home and keeping you cool all Summer!

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