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Panasonic Mini Dv Tapes - Top 5 Things You Never Knew About Camcorders with Panasonic Mini DV Tapes - Still Shots, 3-Way PC Link, Upgraded Accessories, Program Auto Exposure

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You could be using a Panasonic Mini DV Tape camcorder right now, but still have no idea of its full capabilities! The Mini DV is a very flexible camcorder with plenty of different applications. Here is a list of the top 5 Panasonic Mini DV features that you may never knew existed.

Still Shots

Yes, it is true that your little Mini DV Camcorder can take good-quality pictures as well as video. You can save your stills to the tape itself or to a special SD memory card. The memory card is available on most Mini DV models, and it makes it much easier to keep your videos and photos separated. This way, you can have all your vacation videos and pictures stored in one easy location, where you can easily upload everything to your computer in no time.

3-Way PC Link

Did you know there were three different ways to upload files from the Mini DV to your computer? You can use a USB cable to transfer images via a PHOTOVU link to your computer, for one. This also enables you to take stills even without entering PhotoShot mode. You can also transfer photos via the SD card itself. And lastly, you can quickly upload video via a firewire connected to your computer, which also lets you perform quick and easy video editing with virtually no quality loss. You can even connect two camcorders with a firewire to create a perfect copy of your video content.

Upgraded Accessories

Want to upgrade your Mini DV Camcorder? You can find all kinds of accessories that expand its potential – look online or at your local electronics dealer for extra-long life lithium batteries (up to 9 hours!), extra AC adapters, handy carrying cases or waist packs, and huge memory cards for storing your still images. You can even find a handy infrared remote control to use with your Mini DV!

Program Auto Exposure

There are actually five different preset modes for auto-exposure settings. Each one is geared for different conditions. The camera will change the shutter speed and other camera settings to take the best possible video in your chosen atmosphere. Here are the five auto exposure modes and what they do:
Sport – increases the shutter speed for fast-moving subjects
Portrait – focuses on a single subject in the foreground
Low Light – enables the camera to pick up available light without blurring the picture brightness
Spot Light – helps to neutralize bright light
Surf and Snow – helps to eliminate sun glare and extra illumination

Night Vision

Many people do not realize it, but you can use your Panasonic Mini DV Camcorder to take great night video! Just turn on the setting called “MagicVu” during the night to take video in green, blue, or black and white. This setting can be used to take video in near-total darkness. Some people turn it on during the daytime to see what it does, and are confused because the camera shows nothing but a wall of light! But turn it on at night, and that is when the real magic happens.

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