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Toshiba Laptop Accessories - Toshiba Laptop Accessories that You Never Knew You Needed - New Batteries & Power Equipment, Docking Stands, Memory Upgrades, Carrying Cases, Mice

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Are you looking to upgrade your Toshiba laptop with some new accessories? Then you have come to the right place! You may not realize it, but there are a lot of ways to upgrade your Toshiba to become your ultimate portable computing companion. Here is a list of Toshiba accessories that can take your laptop to the next level.

New Batteries & Power Equipment

This one may sound boring, but it can actually improve your whole laptop experience by making you much more portable! Get yourself an extended-life battery that will keep you computing for hours longer than before with no need to worry about charging. This way, you can get a lot more done while you are on the go without having to drag your ac adapter along and search for available outlets.

If you really want to increase your laptop’s usefulness on the go, get yourself a simple laptop power adapter for your car’s cigarette lighter. This way you can use your car’s energy to charge up your laptop while you are out on the town or driving around on business, and you will never have to worry about running out of juice.

Docking Stands

A docking station is an awesome tool for those who also use their laptops as desktops. It will set you free from the whole routine of plugging in twenty-eight peripherals to your laptop every time you sit down at your desk, hooking into the network, etc. etc. The docking station will allow you to snap the laptop right into all of your peripherals at once, and it also opens doors for using multiple monitors with hardly any extra work. If you use a laptop exclusively for work, this is definitely something to ask your boss to invest in!

Memory Upgrades

Upgrading a computer’s memory is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your system’s performance, so you can inject new life into a sluggish laptop. Especially if you are running recent versions of Windows, every extra bit of memory can help a lot! It will help you multitask by keeping many different programs open, increase performance for games, and help your system be quick on its feet all-around.

Carrying Cases

If you are serious about using your laptop to its full potential, get yourself a custom-built Toshiba carrying case. They have slick styles in both backpack and traditional form, and these cases serve many purposes for both you and your laptop. A case protects your laptop from dust and damage as you carry it around every day, for one. It also gives you an easy way to tote your laptop everywhere you need it (which is what it is intended for, after all). Plus, you get plenty of space for chargers and accessories, documents, school papers, or whatever you need.


Not everybody likes the standard touchpad mouse. OK, so most everybody would opt for a normal mouse if they could. Well, good news! You can get a mouse that is specifically built for laptop use. It is small, compact, and the cord even retracts for easy storage. Just plug it into your USB port and off you go.

New Speakers

Finally, one great way to noticeably spice up your laptop is to get a pair of decent speakers. Toshiba laptop speakers are decent by themselves, sure. But no laptop speaker can hold a candle to a nice dedicated speaker set. You can even find relatively compact speakers that still dish out a lot of decibels, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Every one of these products can be found right on Toshiba’s web site. It is a good idea to get products directly from the site to ensure that they will work with your specific Toshiba laptop. This is especially true with batteries, cases, docking stations, and other products that are custom-built for your machine.

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