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Coffee Green Mountain - A Guide to and History of Green Mountain Coffee - Who are Green Mountain Coffee Roasters?, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Production

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When the popularity of Starbucks Coffee soared, it opened the door for many other gourmet coffee companies. Some of these coffee companies cannot live up to their claims, but one gourmet coffee company that has proven it has what it takes is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Green Mountain Coffee is based out of Vermont, and they pioneered the system of single-cup brewing with the K-Cup system. Green Mountain Coffee at first partnered with the inventor of K-cup machines, Keurig, but in 2006, they bought out Keurig, so Green Mountain Coffee is not only responsible for the coffee, but also the machines that made the coffee popular.

Who are Green Mountain Coffee Roasters?

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was born in 1981 in Waitsfield, Vermont. It was first served at a single café in the small town of 1,500. Word about this unique and flavorful coffee slowly spread through the years until the small company decided to try their hand in the corporate world. Success continued for Green Mountain Coffee. The original café was sold and they moved their headquarters to Waterbury, Vermont where, today, they operate a 90,000 square foot facility for the production and distribution of their products. Regional distribution centers were also opened in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York. For the past seven years, the company has continued to experience double-digit growth in sales.

Most of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters business is done with wholesalers. Their coffee is served in hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, universities, supermarkets, and private/corporate offices all over the country. For years, customers wishing to brew Green Mountain coffee in their homes did not know where to go or how to proceed. After 2006, when Keurig was acquired, the company expanded efforts to make their products available not only in businesses but in homes, as well, by starting both a direct mail service and an online ordering system.

Green Mountain is dedicated to social responsibility. A minimum of five-percent of pre-tax profits goes to charities supporting various socially responsible causes. To help the environment, the company has developed special all-natural paper cups that are lined with a biodegradable form of plastic made from sugar.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Production

The bulk of Green Mountain coffee is grown in the mountains of Mexico and Tanzania from independent farmers with whom they have developed long-lasting relationships. In Mexico, most of these farmers are in the Union Regional de Pequenos Productores de Café Huatusco, and in Tanzania, the farms are located on the outskirts of the Gombe National Park.

After the beans are purchased they are sorted and transported to their production facilities in Vermont where the roasting process begins. The process is carefully controlled and observed by master coffee roasters. The real art, however, is in the blending. The blending is what gives Green Mountain coffee its unique taste and aroma.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Coffee

Green Mountain has several blends available to buy through its mail-order and online retail services. These blends can be categorized into the most popular and the highest-rated.

Most Popular Green Mountain Coffee

• Breakfast Blend – The Breakfast Blend is smooth yet rich-tasting. It is one of the most balanced blends available.
• Our Blend – This blend is smooth but with a strong aroma. It is the most popular blend served by restaurants and stores.
• Fair Trade Vermont Country Blend – This blend mixes both light beans and dark beans. It is a sweet coffee with a refreshing aftertaste.

Highest-rated Green Mountain Coffee

• Kenya Highland Cooperatives – This blend from Kenya has hints of citrus and molasses. It is slightly acidic and tart on the lips.
• Guatemala Chimaltenango – This Guatemalan blend has the essence of nuts and chocolate that becomes fruit-like on the palate. It is rich and almost-syrupy.
• Summer Safari Blend – This dark blend comes from both South America and East Africa. It is delicate, sweet, and nutty with a silky finish.

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