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Best Ways to Backup Windows XP

data click drive utility

Far too often, people learn the hard way that backing up data on their PC is a non-negotiable regular practice. Whether they have lost important documents, pictures, or software, computer crashes can cost the user many hours of frustration and lost work if they are not properly backed up. Therefore, it is important for the user to know the best ways to backup their data. Windows users have several options available to them when attempting to find backup software for XP.

Built in Backup Software in XP

For starters, Windows XP has its own backup utility. If you have Windows XP Professional, the utility is already installed. (Ntbackup.exe).

If you have XP Home Edition, the following steps are necessary for activating the utility:

1. Insert Windows XP CD into the drive and double click the CD icon in My Computer.
2. On the Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP screen, click Perform Additional Tasks.
3. Click Browse this CD.
4. Next, double click the Value Add folder, Msft, and then Ntbackup.
5. Then select Ntbackup.msi and choose to install the Backup utility.

Once you are sure that the backup utility is activated, then the following steps are necessary for backing up your data:

1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Backup to start the utility.
2. Click Next to skip past the opening page, choose Back up files and settings from the second page, and then click Next. Here, you will be asked which data you wish to back up. You can choose specific files or choose to back up your whole system.
3. After choosing which data to back-up, you need to choose where your data will be stored. While the default for XP is the A drive, this is not a viable option for most computers anymore. Rather, click Browse and choose between your computer’s hard drive (if it is partitioned), a zip drive, a network drive, or an external hard drive (which may be your best bet).
4. After choosing the backup location and naming the file, click Next and then Finish to start the backup process.

Other Backup Software for Windows XP

Since Windows XP was launched in 2001, personal computing has changed a great deal. While the operating system can be updated, its built-in backup utility lacks the ability to back up data in some ways that have been developed and expanded recently.

Newer backup software like Acronis ($50 after a 30 day trial period). provides the option of backing up your data on your hard drive, on another device, or online. Several other similar products are available online.

More and more, its seems that online data backup is the most reliable way to preserve your data. For those Windows XP users who want to back up their data online, Dropbox is a very useful service. With a basic 2 GB of online storage available for free, 50 GB of storage are available for $10 per month and 100 GB for $20 per month.

With more and more important pictures and information being stored on personal computers, it is more important than ever to regularly back up your data. Windows XP users looking for backup options have several options available to them.

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