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Oriental Weavers Rugs - Taking Care of Your Oriental Weavers Rugs - Regular Cleaning & Maintenance, Spot/Stain Cleaning, Professional Cleaning

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Since you have made an investment in a high-quality Oriental Weavers rug, it makes sense to want to protect it for as long as possible. By nature, Oriental Weavers rugs are made to last in your home for many years. But putting in the proper care and maintenance will ensure that the vibrant colors and textures of your rug are preserved in their best possible condition for as long as possible. Follow the simple tips in this guide in order to add years of quality to your investment.

Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

You can vacuum your rug regularly to eliminate soil and dust that it gathers, particularly in high-traffic areas. Use a normal vacuum to do this whenever you are vacuuming the rest of your home, or whenever the rug appears soiled. Sometimes vacuuming can cause “runaways”, or long yarn ends that creep up through the rug. Take care never to pull these out, as it can damage the rug. Instead, simply clip them back to the correct level with a pair of scissors.

Remember to rotate your rug at least once a year, twice for high-traffic areas. Gradual color fading caused by regular use is a fact of life with area rugs. You may begin to notice high-traffic paths fading faster than the rest of the rug if you leave it in the same position for too long – this is why regular rotation is the key to even wear (and thus even color and quality) throughout the rug’s surface. Doing this will add years to your rug’s life and keep it looking great for as long as possible.

Spot/Stain Cleaning

When you do see a spot or spill on your rug, act fast to prevent staining. The Sphinx line by Oriental Weavers comes pre-treated to be stain resistant, and is backed by a 10 year guarantee. But it is still a good idea to take care of spills before they dry to avoid unpleasant texture changes and keep your rug in tip-top shape.

Many stains can be cleaned simply with a paper towel or soft cloth and a little warm water. First, soak up or scoop off as much of the substance as possible. Now use a clean paper towel or cloth to gently blot the rug, taking away more of the substance. Dip the cloth in warm water and dampen the spill area, blotting away at the stain. Take special note never to rub the area – this will cause fraying and fuzziness in the yarn. Always blot instead. For a particularly tough spot, you may use a non-bleach cleanser to help lift any discoloration. If you are not sure of your cleanser’s compatibility, test it first on an inconspicuous area of the rug and watch for any discoloration.

Professional Cleaning

After a few years of regular use, you may opt to have a professional cleaning done. Make sure you use a cleaner who is experienced with fine rugs. To prevent yellowing, the real wool fibers in your rug need to be washed with a natural detergent and dried quickly. Also beware of excessive heat use or chemicals that are not compatible with wool fibers (Bleaches and alkalis). If your cleaner does not seem to know these guidelines when you ask about them, you should probably find another who is more versed in fine rug care.

That’s it for this guide to the cleaning and maintenance of your Oriental Weavers rugs. Enjoy taking care of these great artistic rugs, and they will enjoy taking care of you for years to come!

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about 2 years ago

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