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California Board Of Accountancy - The California Board of Accountancy - Tax Tips, Picking an Accountant, Complaints

A Great Resource for Everyday Consumers

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You may not have realized it – or even considered it – as a typical every-day consumer in California, but the California Board of Accountancy (CBA) is an excellent resource that just about anyone could benefit from using. Check out this guide to find ways that everyday people can utilize the CBA’s resources to make their own lives easier.

Tax Tips

We will start with the most obvious resource that can help just about every Californian: tax tips! Plus anyone else in the nation, for that matter, because it covers general principles for federal taxes as well. Use their Tax Tips section to find information on refund anticipation loans, how to select a reputable tax preparer, and a host of other handy resources. Choosing the right tax preparer is a very important issue that could affect your tax return, so you do not want to make the wrong choice. If you do not think picking the wrong preparer happens every day, try this on for size: it is estimated that there are up to 10,000 illegal tax preparers working in the state of California alone! When it comes to taxes, you want someone who is reputable, legally licensed, and knowledgeable. This is one area where you cannot afford to mess around.

Picking an Accountant

If you own your own business or have complex financials, it is a great idea to have a competent CPA to work with you throughout the year, both for financial planning and tax preparation. The California Board of Accountancy offers plenty of help for this process. First look over their How to Choose a CPA section, where you can find tips on finding the best people to contact for this extremely important job. If you have already found a potential CPA, use the online license lookup tool to view their license status, experience, and any disciplinary actions against them. If the section under the “disciplinary actions” heading reads “yes”, click on the “details” link to see further information.


If you have had unsatisfactory experience with a CPA in the past, use the CBA’s Complain about a CPA link to get detailed instructions on how to file your complaint, plus information on the process thereafter. Because the CBA’s priority is consumer protection, they look at all complaints with real concern. If you think your CPA has been involved in any kind of fraud, deception, or even just incompetence, it is important to file a complaint to let the CBA know about it.

You can also use the same site to file a citizens complaint against the board itself, although this does not usually happen with normal consumers.

That’s it for this quick guide to using the California Board of Accountancy as a regular consumer. Check out their site for these and other resources that can come in handy for just about any tax-paying Californian.

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