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Cheap Tickets To New York - How to Find Cheap Tickets to New York City

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Cheap tickets to New York are relatively easy to find, but as with anything else, it is good to do your homework. New York City offers the best a traveler could want from the best in entertainment and fine dining to Tony-award winning musicals. It is a hub of culture and couture.

So how to find the lowest prices? Some websites allow you to compare various prices from different airlines. Or just shop and compare. Most websites offer a way to calculate the price online if you give them your departure and return dates and what airport or city you are coming from or to.

Typically, you will find that non-stop flights are higher in cost. Why is this? It is because of demand. Airlines can count on a certain demand between certain places, and a non-stop flight is riskier for them. So they can offer a lower price if certain routes are taken. Depending on where you are coming from, this can save a bundle.

Finding cheap tickets to New York depends greatly on competition, demand and inventory. Airlines call this “yield management”. Major airlines feed their information on seating and prices into four central reservation systems. Then they adjust their prices based on demand. Prices will increase with the demand. Because of this, fares and inventory are changing every minute. Which is why shopping online is practical, as you can view current bookings and prices.

Demand is often determined by what day you choose to fly. Weekday flights or flights at odd hours are typically cheaper than weekend flights or flights on major holidays. Airlines also determine their prices based on competition. If one airline drops its price for flying to new York by 10%, it is likely all airlines will drop their rates.

Prices can also vary per route per airline. Different airlines offer different prices depending on their typical fares per route.

Although you can get a good estimate on a flight from online calculators, your fare is not guaranteed until you have paid.

Another factor airlines use is their inventory. Airlines divide seats into various price ranges, and they set aside a certain number of discounted tickets. This is why is best to buy tickets well in advance, as these seats could be gone by the time you call. New York is a city with high demand, so you will want to book your seats well in advance.

Because of all these factors, a wide range of prices will typically be offered. This is why it is best to comparison shop for tickets, rather than just calling your favorite airline. Occasionally there are specials that do not fall under “economy.” A good way to proceed is to book your flight early with the best value you can find which is fully-refundable. Then you can continue to look for something better to pop up. In some cases you can sign-up online, and the airline will notify you with any cheap specials that may pop up a few days before your flight to New York.

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