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Aqua Master Watches - Show off Your Style with Aqua Master Watches - Who Produces Aqua Master Watches?, The Most Popular Aqua Master Watches

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Despite their name, Aqua Master watches are not made for deep-sea scuba divers or the pearl divers of Pago Pago. Aqua Master Watches are renowned for their showy brilliance of timepieces that have been dipped in diamonds. Aqua Master watches are worn by celebrities and up-and-comers seeking to show off their style and finances. Famous people sporting Aqua Master watches include Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, 50-Cent, Jay Z, Bow Wow, and Justin Timberlake.

While many diamond watch manufacturers seek to downplay the elegance of multiple diamonds embedded under the glass and around the rim of the watch, Aqua Master watches are made for just the opposite. When you wear an Aqua Master, everyone knows it. However, Aqua Master watches are not all bling. They are also finely tuned precision timekeeping instruments. What they display on the outside is matched by their integrity on the inside.

Who Produces Aqua Master Watches?

Aqua Master watches were born in 1999 with the founding of the company by a family who had made diamond jewelry their business. Their first 50 styles sold out just days after being released. They immediately hired a new team of designers to bring out even more styles and to keep up with demand. Aqua Master watches have been a smashing success ever since. The company can now boast that they get orders out on all their merchandise ordered by phone or online within two business days. However, this is still a rarity. Most orders are shipped next business day, and many orders received before 2:00 pm on weekdays go out that same day. The only exception is with special-order and custom items.

All Aqua Master watches are fully insured during delivery and come with a 14-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. As long as the watch is in their hands by the 14th day after the invoice date, it will be fully refunded. In addition, the watches have a one-year limited warranty against craftsmanship and defects. It will be repaired or replaced within that year for a fee of 10% of the watch’s cost.

The Most Popular Aqua Master Watches

Aqua Master watches come in three basic categories: men’s, women’s, and unisex. The vast majority of watches are in the men’s category, with fewer selections being offered to women. Here are the most popular Aqua Master watches in each category:

Men’s Aqua Master Watches

• Aqua Master Chronography Rio Watch 11-1 w#140 – This is a basic, no-frills watch. It features a stainless steel band and blue face with date calendar. Arabic numerals are at the 2, 6, 8, 10, and 12 positions. It has a deployment buckle clasp and 2.45 carats total diamond weight. List price is $4600.
• Aqua Master Magnum Watch with Skeleton Back 1-1 w#119D-2 – This watch is one of the flashiest available. It has a gold-toned stainless steel band, day and date calendar, and diamonds everywhere: under the glass, around the rim, on the case, and on the band. Total weight is 17.0 carats, and list price is $29,900.
• Aqua Master Men’s Masterpiece Diamond Watch with Diamond Bezel and 14-Link Diamond Bracelet – Although more of a toned-down watch, this model actually has the most diamonds. The color is gold throughout and diamonds are meld into the design. Total weight is 24.0 carats, and list price is $46,000.

Women’s Aqua Master Watches

• Aqua Master Women’s Stainless Steel Diamond Watch – This is a demure and sleek women’s watch that can add elegance to any fashion style. It is stainless steel with a black dial. 0.65 carats of diamonds line the rim on the left and right sides. It lists for $1,311.
• Aqua Master Women’s Aqua Beetle Diamond Watch with Diamond Case – This watch features a black leather band, black face, and stainless steel case covered in diamonds. Three aqua blue chronograph dials highlight the style. Total weight is 2.0 carats, and list price is only $2,530.
• Aqua Master Angel Collection – The Angel design features a vertical-oval case surrounded by hundreds of fine-cut diamonds. The band is pink leather, and the face is pink mother-of-pearl. The total weight is 7.0 carats, and list price is $6,900.

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