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Dial Up Providers - Dial Up Providers Still Exist? - Pros and Cons of Dial Up Provider Service

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This is a legitimate question asked by many internet users in the United States and the rest of the civilized world upon hearing someone talk of dial-up internet service. The answer is that yes, they do exist and are still used by hundreds of thousands of people. A more surprising answer is that, for some, dial up is still the best choice in internet service.

Pros and Cons of Dial Up Provider Service

Dial-up internet is not yet extinct for two major reasons: many people choose to use it, and many people signed up for it years ago. Here are the pros and cons of what you can get from dial up providers:


• Dial up is extremely inexpensive. The average price of dial up for unlimited service is $9.99/month, and if you search, it can be found for even less.
• All that is required is a standard phone line and the 56K modem that comes built in to most computers.
• It is mobile. You can take your dial up service with you wherever you go. Every service has local numbers all over the country that can be called to connect.
• It is easy. For some people, the best part about dial up is that they already know how to use it.


• It is so slow. Dial up service is 1000 times slower than the slowest DSL service. Streaming audio, video, and downloads are all but impossible.
• You have to connect. Instead of being always on, you must manually connect to the internet.
• It ties up the line. Telephone calls cannot be made while connected to the internet on that line.
• Dial up providers frequently disconnect so you have to reconnect over and over again, often within a short period of time.

The Top Dial Up Providers for Internet Service

If dial up internet service still sounds right for you, there are several dial-up providers from which to choose. Here are the top three:


NetZero is a popular choice among dial up internet subscribers because of their low cost and above average customer service. Service is only $9.95 per month and provides subscribers with the following features:

• Unlimited and untimed access.
• Free web-based email that includes spam protection and virus scanning.
• Reliable connections all over the country.
• Startup is fast. After signing up, you can be online in less than two minutes.
• Live technical support is free for the first 30 days. After that it is $1.95/minute.


ISP.com is favorite of dial-up users who left the high prices of the old standbys, such as AOL and Earthlink who charge up to $24.99 per month. ISP.com offers equal or better service for only $8.95 per month for standard service or $10.95 per month for accelerated service. Features include the following:

• Unlimited service with a choice of over 3,000 local numbers in the United States and Canada.
• Up to 10 email addresses with spam filters and virus protection.
• A MyISP.com customizable homepage for news, weather, and alerts.
• Free customer service M-F 5am to 7pm PST.


Copper.net is a relative newcomer in the field of dial up providers, but they have made huge strides in the industry, bringing in thousands of customers from other, higher-priced services. They offer a 3 month special price at $4.97 per month and after that it is only $9.95 per month. No credit card is required to sign up and they guarantee customer satisfaction. Features include the following:

• Unlimited service.
• Unlimited email accounts with spam control and virus protection.
• Account information is 100% private and never sold to advertisers.
• 100% free customer service via a toll-free phone number.

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