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Lynchburg Homes For Sale - Finding Lynchburg Homes for Sale

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Lynchburg is a mid-sized city in Virginia located along the James River near the Blue Ridge Mountain Range. Because of its location in the foothills, it has been called both “Hill City” and the “City of Seven Hills.” The population of Lynchburg is 73,933, and it is the center of the 2,100 square mile Lynchburg metro area. Lynchburg was founded in 1757 by John Lynch who made his living transporting people across the river, first by ferry and later, by building bridges. In the 19th century, the city became a prominent center of commerce and industry in Virginia. During the Civil War, Lynchburg was the site of a major confederate victory and served as the state capital for four days after the fall of Richmond to Union forces. In the 20th century, Lynchburg turned to heavy industry and manufacturing, becoming known as the “Pittsburgh of the South.” Today, Lynchburg is known for being a center of education with no less than six major colleges and university calling the city home.

There are 25,477 households in the city occupying 27,640 total housing units. Despite the large discrepancy, there is only an average of 500 Lynchburg homes for sale at any one time. The median selling price of Lynchburg homes for sale is $166,000. Lynchburg has been surprisingly resistant to the housing crises that began in the U.S. in 2006. In 2010, while many locations are still inundated with foreclosures, the Lynchburg market usually has less than 50 listings. The median selling price of foreclosures in the area is drastically less than Lynchburg homes for sale at only $66,000. In a surprising and unusual statistical trend, the median selling price of homes for sale in Lynchburg is actually higher than the median listing price, which is $150,000. The median household income for the city is $32,234.

Being the largest city in the metro area, Lynchburg has a diverse and robust economy. It is the primary center of retail shopping in the area and has a large force of skilled labor that works in specialized industries. Major employers in the city include Aerofin Corporation, Banker Steel Company, Barr Laboraties, Centra Health, Frito-Lay, J. Crew, Nationwide Mutual Insurance, and Progress Printing. In addition, many residents work for the colleges and universities.

Lynchburg homes for sale come in all shapes and sizes. Single-family houses are the most popular, but there are a number of condominium buildings, town houses, duplexes, and other types of homes. New construction is not rampant, but it is also not unknown. Many homes are older and many more are fully restored. Refurbished lofts can often be found for sale in Lynchburg’s historic downtown. Here are a few of the more popular neighborhoods and subdivisions in the city:

• Beacon Hill – This is an upscale subdivision located near some of the best shopping in the city and some of the finest schools.
• Bethel Park – Bethel Park is one of the newer neighborhoods in the city. It offers great views of the mountains and a choice of country clubs.
• Brookstone Estates – This is another new neighborhood that has Lynchburg homes for sale. It features large lots of the city’s trademark rolling hills.
• Irvington Park – This is primarily a recreational neighborhood, but it has some of the most unique custom-built homes in the city.
• Walker’s Crossing – This neighborhood features a private lake and spectacular views of the mountains. It has a distinctly rural charm.

Public education is served by Lynchburg City Public Schools. The award-winning district is comprised of 11 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools. Several top-notch private Christian schools are also located in the city. Students graduating from Lynchburg high schools have a large choice of local colleges and universities that includes Central Virginia Community College, Lynchburg College, Liberty University, Randolph College, Virginia University of Lynchburg, and Sweet Briar College.

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